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  1. Hey guys,

    Ive been going back and forth about doing a indoor grow in my basement for sometime. But my only problem is that im not sure if my mom will find out. Right now I just looked up a setup for a few plants that will cost me around $600 on amazon. Could anyone recommend a good setup from start to finish that is cost effective and is going to give me a good yield? Thanks
  2. on amazon? what does this include?
  3. Lights- For veg-125 watt 6500k cfl which is around $70. For flower, go to amazon and search 400watt hps with cool tube which is around $150.


    BAG- Hyrofarm 5 gallon dirt bag

    Nutes-FF Trio

    ph up and down

    Fan with carbon filter-which is around $120

    And of course the seeds. I think my main problem is the lights which is going to cost me around $220. Then the fan is another 120.
  4. So anyone have a better alternative for lights and fan? That would be more cost friendly. Also does anyone see anything that I am missing from the list?
  5. HTg supply you can get a 400 w hps for 120$
  6. build it yourself, shit i saw something that looks exactly like mine made out of the same thing on ebay for 1200 bucks and mine cos less than 150 to build
  7. Chris what's your light setup look like? I've heard building them is cheaper I've just never looked into it
  8. So can someone please tell me good and not wicked expensive lights for veg and what ones for flower?
  9. holdon ill upload them to give an idea, that is if you dont mind prettylights? i dont wnana hijack your thread, but ill show my DIY OG light setup that worked well my first go around.
  10. no i don't mind, as long as you tell me what lights you use for veg and flower
  11. well i switch out my ballast's and bulbs from my cool tube, but i now use 2X 150w hps for flower + 3 additional 26w 2700k cfl and for Veg i use a 150w Metal halide in my cool tube and 4 26w 6500k cfl as side lighting. in my pics its before any upgrades its just my steralite cab with my diy cooltube to give Jpink and idea too.
  12. [​IMG]

    :hello: btw, this same concept is cheap, 30 bucks for the diy cooltube parts, any 150w hps or mh flood gutted can be had for nearly nothing at fleamarket or craigslist, or Quality, low cost indoor and outdoor lighting products. e-conolight has em for dirt cheap too. The 3 foot steralite cab is 50 bucks at wallyworld. They have one thats like 5 or 6 feet tall thats like 80-100 bucks if u get a bigger light.

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