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  1. Seeds just arrived from attitude seed bank. 8/9
    Planted 6 feminized seeds:
    - 3 NL#5 x haze
    - 1 sour jack
    - 1 blue hash
    - 1 blue widow


    Planted using Promix HP soil.
    Tap water and maxlume t5 grow lights.

  2. How long you gonna keep em under that fixture? What kind of flowering setup you have bro?
  3. I plan to veg under the t5's till there about 4"- 6".

    For flowering I have 15 gallon smart pots.
    1000w hortilux hps and mh.
    425 cfm inline fan.
    I'll continue to use the promix HP soil.
    I'm trying a complete stand alone system called blue sage microbes.
    It's a three part system that includes, minerals, microbes and biostem.
  4. Why are they sitting in that tub. Possibility of getting heat stressed and no fresh air circulating....
  5. I'd get them 12" under the T5,but either way doesnt matter that much.Should be a good grow

  6. They are still seedlings so the bucket adds extra warmth for them. As soon as they sprout I'll remove the bucket.
  7. Came home from the weekend away to find 5 of my 6 seeds have sprouted.


  8. 1 week in. 4 babies are doing great. 1 has been a little stunted.






    The last two are of the stunted one. There has been new growth so hoping all will be well with her.

    Been keeping the lights at 24/7 with a fan constantly blowing.
    Introduced the Blue Sage Microbes to them a couple days ago. They seem to be adjusting well with them.

    Future posts and pics to come!!
  9. Will switch to a bigger pot and place under 1000watt MH in a few days to continue veg.
  10. All plants have been given equal amounts of BSM and all have responded great.

    Blue hash


    Blue widow


    sour jack


    Only one plant didn't respond great with added nutrients.


    A few rust spots showed up on the NL#5 x haze's leaves, so I have kept her strictly on a water only diet and she seems to be doing better. Well at least no more spots have shown up. Plan on moving them under the 1000w MH light by the end of the weekend. Feedback or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
  11. image-489264261.jpg

    My struggling one hasn't grown to much, but hasn't died either. Im debating cutting the leaves that are curling over with dead tips? Good idea? If so should I cut just the dead spots or the entire leaf?
  12. give it some time sometimes they dont form roots as fast as their buddies hence slowed growth. i once had one who i thoght was basicly dead and then it outgrew all its siblings once it started going. good luck.
  13. Moved the babies under the 1000w MH, but have the ballast dialed in at 50% for now. Plants seem to be reaching for the new light. Right now I have the light about 18" from the tops. But feel like I could get even closer with it being at half juice.
    Any thoughts?



    It's up to 3 sets of leaves and everything's looking good.

    Even my problem child is showing some new leaves and slowly coming along.
  14. Plan to hang some Mylar in the room sometime this week.
  15. Reflective material hung.


    Temps and humidity are looking good.

  16. Little slow on the updates. Been about three weeks since seeds were planted. Everything's looking pretty healthy.

    Sour jack

    View attachment 976296

    View attachment 976298

    NL5 x Haze



    Blue widow



    Blue hash



    Some bubble berry bag seeds I found.


    A mother royal kush plant I've started taking clones from.


  17. For whatever reason the pictures of the sour jack didn't come out. They are roughly the same size.
  18. How's everything look?
  19. image-855721.jpg

    Been right around a month since the seeds popped.


    I've topped three of the plants to keep them all right around the same height. Put the tops into the cloner. Took 5 clones from the royal kush plant around a week ago. Repotted one of the clones that was showing good root growth. Used clonex gel on all. Of the other 4 kush clones 2 are showing roots. The other 2 may be duds. No signs of roots from the tops.

    The royal kush was put into 12/12 on thursday.
    She looks to be really healthy. Did a little bending of her limbs and topping. There are about 10 bud sites that are all around the same height.



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