Indoor grow under 1000kWh per month

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  1. If one wanted to setup an indoor grow, but they were required to keep their energy bill under 1000kWh per month, what type of setup would work best? What volume could be produced?
  2. Consider LEDs although that's low man

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  3. LEDs will pull less wattage, but cost more upfront. 48x48 closet maybe with a 6" fan? That's a lot of bud. You could maybe do a 24x48. 2 plants 1 light and maybe downsize to a 4" fan? Curious to see what others say myself.

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  4. You need to figure out how much energy you're using for daily life then add a buffer then you'll know how much you have to work with. Check last month's power bill and see what how many kWhs you used (or call the power company, they can tell you).
  5. Like 1000 for the grow or including all your appliances? I'd get a 4x4x7 tent, 300w LED and 4in fan with a carbon scrubber if you're that concerned about power.
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    I use about 300kWh per month, but I know I could use less since I've been letting the heater run all day. That leaves me about 700-800kWh.

    That would let me use one 1000 watt light and run it 14 hours a day. That would use 434kWh per month which would leave enough energy for the fans too. Would it be better to use two 500 watt lights instead? Four 250 watt lights? etc.

    Is my math right for estimating the power usage for a 1000 watt light? 1000 watt light running for 14 hours a day will use 14,000 watts or 14kWh a day. 31 days in a month times 14kWh per day is 434kWh per month.
  7. If I were you, I'd go a bit smaller with a 600w setup. Traditionally folks run lights 18 hours per day during veg.
  8. If I run two 600w lights for 18 hours a day during veg that would use 21.6kWh per day or 669.6 kWh per month which would work. Any idea what kind of volume could be produced with that setup?
  9. I don't know, I use LED. I'd be skeptical about expecting certain yields on your first grow. Someone else could answer your question on that.
  10. Hm interesting questions. I plan to tap off of my AC circuit and run one 110v line down to our "shed" (aka Rosin Labs) and the other 110v to the room to be dedicated power for everything I need. I'm going with a 600w MH/HPS and probably will add in CFL's later. Not to mention I'll have some T5's or something like em eventually for clones and a veg room. I feel like that's plenty of power.

    Same to you OP. I think you are good. Someone told me that going from 400 up to 600w would increase yield and I have planning on putting 4 plants into my fairly small space but someone else pointed out that may limit yield as well. So i may cut down to 3 or only 2 plants until I build my actual greenhouse. Also looking into SCROG/SOG that limits your needs for lights but increases yield correct???
  11. A 4x4x7 would prob need 2/3x300w LEDs I'm already doing this myself.
    2=36.5watts per sq ft
    3=56watts per sq ft recommend

    LED/ CoCo/ Grow Tents/ Blue Dream+OG Kush

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