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    Hi Experienced growers and budding students of nature, I have a few questions about my grow operation I was hoping to have answered. Ive got a 4x2 box 4 ft tall with 5 sweet tooth autos, and a Dinafem White cheese. Then in my other box, which is 52"x28" and 4 ft 4 inches tall i have 5 super silver haze auto plants and a super silver haze auto clone. Before I ask my questions I'll say that box #1(sweet tooths/white cheese) has about 260wats total and box # (Silver haze) has about 450 watts total. Each box has mounted ventilation and c02 bags hanging inside.
    This will be my first time growing autos and im already having problems and concerns. First off out of the 10 SSHA plants i ordered (feminized) from, 2 were males and 3 didn't germinate properly (the customer service support was very helpful and prompt in replacing my "souveneirs") Now my question is, hanging onto these males, when I recieve my seed payout, will they too be autofloweres? and Feminized? or would they just be autos, but not neccesarily femd?
    Question # 2

    In the first box i mentioned, the smallest of the two, I have my sweet tooth autos and a dinafem white cheese, has anyone succesfully taken a sweet tooth auto from seed to harvest and had it auto and grow properly. Because after having read a few diff. reviews online it seems people are having issues with this auto strain actually auto'ing. Which concerns me. In the event that these plants dont auto, and they are in fact photoperiod, would they still have a short life span like an auto, or would i have to treat them as an actuall photoperiod plant and give them the full span?

    Ok last question, box #2 with the SSHA, one of the plants is much older and bigger then the other plants which is causing me to have to have my lights higher for that 1 plant, so ive got the others shimmed to help aleviate that issue, BUT now the biggest one is weeks into flowering and she is gettin tall and buddy and I decided it was time to implement some red spectrum for her, now time for the question, Will having red spectrum in the same box for her as the other little SSHA cause them to start maturing more rapidly sex wise and stop growing bigger height wise? (also even the little ones have shown sex they are just very short still)

    Thanks in advance Happy smoking!:smoke:

  2. Question 1:
    The males will make anything you breed them with an autoflower, but it will be an unstable auto, unless you breed it with another autoflowering strain, which then it will definitely be a full blooded auto.

    Question 2:
    Treat them as an auto, some of the seeds are actually autoflowers and will auto flower, some of the seeds are photos, its a hit and miss so just do the 18/4 and if after a month plus if it hasnt flowered then its a photo.

    Question 3:
    Since they are autoflowers, they are actually probably already in flower so the red light wont hurt them, it wouldn't hurt them in veg but it wouldn't give them the right light spectrum there looking for for growth and strength.
    But none the less the red light will be fine.

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