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  1. Hi,

    First time post. Was not sure where to post..
    I need help with utilizing as much room as possible. I do not have a budget limit, but want everything to be clean and proficient. The room is a bit of an awkward shape. The room is 7 feet tall and has a window. I want veg/flowering to have its own area. I have attached the floor layout as well. If someone can chime in and shine some light that would be awesome!

    Many Thanks


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  2. not sure exactly what you're asking, but i'd put a wall up in the middle, and paint everything reflective white, or use reflective mylar. If you're looking for a list though, my current grow has a list of equipment i'm using. I'm growing in a tent though, but you still will need something similar
  3. Hi,
    I am trying to see if I can build my own set-up due to the weird room arrangement I have.
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  4. oh most def! do you have a window in the room? or access to some type of ventilation?
  5. Yes I do.
    I have labeled the window in the picture I attached. Maybe a triangular shaped grow-setup ?
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  6. Is there a door on both ends?
  7. Well youre a luck man you have a whole room to work with. I can't give any advice as I'm only using a tent but you have access to a window so there's you're exhaust hole. You're gonna need something to divide your plants vegging and flowering so you may have to build a wall in between or I guess any type of barrier that doesn't leak light will do
  8. that's what i was thinking. i'd just cut the room in half with plywood and mylar, hook up my ventilation to the windows, set up my lights and off i'd go! i wish i had that much space. I will one day
  9. Hey,
    There is a door leading outside from the door the swings out. The part in the dotted area has a door, but it leads to the closet.
  10. If you look at your pic like it's a drawing of a house I would split the room where the peak of the roof of the house is
  11. Veg on the window side
  12. Hi,
    So would I take up 2/3 for flowering and the other 1/3 for veg? Also how much light would I need per area?

    Thanks for all the fast responses
  13. Here is a better idea of what I am thinking about.. Veg in smaller area closer to window.. Flowering in bigger area.

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  14. option two..

    Red flowering..
    Blue Veg..

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