Indoor Grow + pics need tips.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Planthead, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey grasscity, Im pretty new here and i just wanted to know if theres any changes i should possibly make to my indoor grow.

    We had a mold problem because our pots didnt have drainage(put holes in the bottoms and repotted the big ones) , and alot of the leaves were getting floppy on the little ones. Yesterday i took a trip to Home hardware and oh man, they have anything you could possibly ever need. We picked up a bar instead of putting holes in the wall like we already had going, we also grabbed 2 fans and a bottle of miracle grow plant food (8-12-6) i beleieve. anyway heres some pics.

  2. They are looking good, but id think about using dif pots.(bigger) ive always used 3 gallon pots and have had great success. Also what kind of soil are you using? Miracle grow isnt the best. If u have a local hydro shop near by stop in there and im sure they can help you. I use sensi 2part for veg and flower. It looks like you are using t8 strips for your lights too? If its possible id switch to t5s as the smaller tubes give u more lumens per watt.
  3. Also with any type of fluorescent type of light put them as close as possible to the tops of them with in reason. Just enough that its not to warm but they can grab all that light. T8s, t5s and cfls dont penetrate like hids do. Also if u surround the area with mylar it will help keep the light in and bounce it to lower parts of your plants.
  4. mylar? is that the tinfoil looking sheets?
  5. Yea it is. They have rolls at my hydro store 4'x25' for $20 and it really helps.
  6. What also works is those emergenxy blankets you can get at walmart. There like 4 bucks each but thats a type of mylar and their like 8'x4' each
  7. Purchasing some tomorrow, can i hang it off the lights and attach to the table to make a tent affect? or will it melt
  8. I would just maybe use some cardboard to make walls. I dont think it would melt, but you dont want the mylar to touch your plants.
  9. Sup guys, Everything at the indoor grow is looking AMAZING, all the plants look healthy as hell ! Fortunately, when i topped off the one big guy, it DID grow back, triple the size, roughly 5-6 leaves brancing out in the middle now apposed to the other. My outdoor plant looks awful today, this morning she looked fine and now shes suuuuper droopy. Im hoping its overwatering and will check in the morning. let me know how it looks [​IMG]^^^ supercropped
    [​IMG]^^^ normal (not supercropped)
    [​IMG]^^^ indoor plantation
    [​IMG] ^^^^ the drooper :(

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