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  1. i have this like 3by5 shed, like a big rubbermaid kind for outdoor storge i lined the inside with white plastic and turned it into a grow room, but its pretty hot. about 92 degrees with my light on. i got the sunsystem tek light t-5 4 bulb lighting. how can i keep it cooler? and what should the ideal temp be? aswell as humidity? will post pics later.
  2. 70(5)-80F grow slows above 80 stops below 50
  3. well first of all if your light is on at night the heat and light is gonna lure every bug in the hood to ur light problem one
    and two its gonna be hard to keep temp low in shed unless u use fans a to circulate and an exhaust fan blowing in cool air/blowing out hot air
    maybe this will help or a portable ac unit/de humidifier or humidifier depending on you temps/barometric pressure(humidity)

    ideal temp 70-80 degrees
    ideal humidity 80% if it gets lower than 50% u should give a light misting with squirt bottle:smoke:
  4. ill set ym lightt timer so that it works throuhout the day and start early. somthin like 4 in the mornin to 10 at night. best i can think for my 18 hour schedule. i made it pretty bug proof. most likely not but i pluged every hole i could and i made an exhaust fan to pull outside air in and blow it around. i havent yet found somthing to pull hot air out. suggestion?
  5. Florida temps are going to be too high in any enclosed space even without lights blazing. you could try using a couple of bathroom exhaust fans inside there. They're around 13 bucks, run on 110V and have a 3" fitting that you can connect to some pvc pipe to run through the wall of your shed. I don't know (think) if that will keep it cool enough, but hey, we're heading into fall and temps are moderating. That should work well for growing during the winter. I've been looking at a portable a/c unit, but they're 400+ dollars...not to mention the electricity.

    Good luck
  6. and here it is! i have a digital and a regular threm. so i can always compare the two to make sure everythings good. i put an exhaust fan pulling air from outside in and some shots of my light. nothing growing yet need to get more things in order. temps still high mid day dont know what to do. also some pics of a recently trimmed bud.

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  7. ive thought about tring that but the temps always made me ify bout it good luck bro
  8. Check this out, its a window AC unit for 96.00. I don't know much about these, but I'm sure it should be able to cool a shed. Insulating the shed would also help if you get an AC unit. You can get some descent insulation at lowes / home depot for a good price. I would highly recommend insulating if you decide to get an AC unit, it will lower your energy costs and increase efficiency.

  9. air-exchange. air-exchange, air-exchange.
    buy the ac unit if you cant wait to get growin, and you can afford it.
    or wait a little while for the outdoor temps to fall.
    maybe run like double intake/exhaust but later on in the season it may get to cold with all those vents. that thing will make a sweet cab either way imo, indoor or out. good luck with the grow man.
  10. heres a few changes in everything and a more complete operation. not nearly good enough for me though. itll get better.

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  11. instead of pumpng cool air in why not try to pump the hot air out? your passive intakes will take care of the rest
  12. so far i changed my white hydrofarm fan in both intake and outake and i think it works best at pulling in fresh air. the only otehr thing i have is an exhaust fan anyways. i still have to do alot more thinking. i dont plant to grow those sprouts anyway just testing tihngs. i have alot to go.
  13. there all in the same pot... why?
  14. hope there cuttings
  15. as i said i dont plan to grow these i just threw some bagseeds in a pot to test my new growroom and see if things grow far i had temps as high as 92 so tihngs are far to hot but they continue to grow. once my heats uner control ill begin my chosen seed grow. i was wondering if hydroponic grows could be kept cooler by simply cooling the water instead of air around it? any ideas on this?

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