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  1. Okay so my seond grow is now officially underway :) . Alot has changed since I finished my first slightly successful grow. The grow room has moved from my third floor closet, where the temps were usually very high and humidity was desert-like.. the space was extremely limited, and where the light would hinder my sleeping, haha..

    Everything has now moved to my basement. The temperature is alot easier to control down there b/c it's insulated my concrete and the humidity is optimal. The space was already sorta secluded.. I just added some extra "walls" for added security. I also have obtained some mylar which I hope is as advatageous as everyone says it is. Overall I think I made a really good choice for a grow room.. I will post pictures a little later on after I take care of some other shit first..

    I will give a quick run down of my equipment also..

    - 400W HPS
    - 400W MH (w/ hortilux bulb) *NEW*
    - 1 10in. fan(exhaust)
    - 1 5in. fan (intake)
    - 1 12in. oscillating fan
    - ashitload of mylar (2mm I believe) *NEW*
    - MonsterBloom
    - MaxiGro

    2 feminized Neville's Haze
    2 Durban Poison X Skunk #1

    It is officially one week into my grow since they sprouted.. again, I'll show some pictures later b/c I think I want to go pick up some Superthrive andd try that out also..

    grow on..
  2. hey man, sounds good soo far.

    looks like im at the same stage in gowing as you are, about 1 week in. im growing chronic and buble gum so it should be good to see how the plants do...

    keep it up
  3. I was wondering if I should run both the MH and HPS light during the veg stage?? I know during flower, the more light, the better.. im unsure of what to do right now, though..
  4. Dual spectrum is better than MH alone...
  5. Thanks for the input..
  6. It depends on whether you want to pay for the extra electricity. Running two HID lights during early veg is pretty wasteful (only light which falls on something green is actually 'used'). But that said, the more light your plants get the faster they will grow. Personally I would use both the MH and HPS during veg - I leave both my 600W HPS on during veg, and the plants seem to love it.
  7. It's been a little over a day since I've had both lights on and there doesnt seem to be any signs of burning and what not.. The temps doo get pretty high though. I just checked and it was at around 85/86 degs. and the humidity was at 28 or something.. think thats too hot for them? This is probably the max the temp gets to..
  8. eh just put a fan on them and the lights and you should be good... i grew mine with my closet door closed and it got to like 90 sometimes and it still was fine because i had a fan blowing right on it :)
  9. Yea i have a small fan brining it cooler air and I have a good sized oscillating fan blowing over the plants and under the lights.. It's not too bad.

    Hopefully I will be able to have these pictures up soon. Right now my 6-in-1 media reader isn't being recognized by my machine so :confused: .. I guess I'll have to mess around with the wiring a bit.
  10. So let me apologize first off for neglecting to post anything in this journal for so long..

    I've been real busy with school work and finals coming up (engineering sucks :mad:). Also, my media card reader is still busted. I checked out the wiring and I don't think it works anymore. Either that or I just can't find the correct spot on my mother board to plug it into ??

    If you have any idea: It has 4 wires.. Red (Vcc) White Green Black (GND) .. The white and green might be switched but.. I also don't knwo what they are supposed to represent.

    Anyway.. it is officially DAY 22 (3 Weeks + 1)

    For the most part, my babies are doing extremely well. Compared to my first grow, I'd say these 4 are at least double the size, if not bigger by now. I have fimmed two of the four (One skunk/durban poison and one haze/zamal). I also started LST on all of the plants. At first I was just going to do 2 but I figured what the hell. I think the MH Hortilux/Mylar/better environment/peat moss/organic soil have really made a difference.

    Do you think I should transplant the two skunk/dubran poison plants into a bigger tub now?
    Also, will the larger pots be big enough for the haze to live in throughout veg and flowering??

    First I'll post some general shots and then in the next post I'll go into details about the issues i am facing..

    Pic 1 is an overview of the 4 plants

    Pic 2 is a picture of the runt. This is one of the feminized haze/zamal plants. For some reason she has been growing alot slower than all of the plants. In general the skunk/durban poison plants are growing a faster rate but even compared to the other haze plant it is very short and stocky. The leaves dont even extend that far from the main stem, it's like a little ball, lol..

    Pic 3 is of the smaller skunk plant

    Pic 4 is of the larger skunk plant

    Pic 5 is of the larger haze plant. It looks a little droppy compared to the skunk.. When I check the soil it seems to be dry but could it be due to the very large tub??

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  11. Okay so the main issue I have is yellowing of the lower leaves (mostly). I say mostly because there are a few of the larger fan leaves in the middle that have some spots, but it's mainly afflicting the lower leaves..

    In the first picture you can see the chlrosis on the sides of the leaf tips..

    The second picture shows it a little better.. In this shot you can see it on the leaf in the background you can see it real well..

    A closer shot of the leaf in the background of picture 2..

    Same leaf in pic 4 I believe..

    This last picture is weird. It's one of the middle fan leaves. Notice the curling on the sides of the leaves along with the yellow spots?? This worries me a bit more ...'

    BTW all these pictures are of the same plant..

    continue to next post..

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  12. These two pictures are of the same issue but on the skunk/durban poison plants..

    I watered them with fertilizer about 10 days ago.. I know that that seems early but they were gettting so big already I figured they would need it. That;'s when I noticed the problem getting worse. So the next two waterings I just used fresh water. The second watering was yesterday so I still have a day or so to see any differences but.. I have a feeling it wont

    My problem is that it's sooo hard to decipher between nute deficiancy and over ferting... I got lucky enough to borrow my roomates camera so I'm hoping some of you on the boards could help diagnose the problem..

    happy growing..

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  13. I don't think it's a deficiency... best advice I should have followed with mine was: underfeeding the plants is a lot better and easier to fix than overfeeding them! so, take that for what you will.. :] I'd not feed them again for a while.. that's probably the biggest thing I've learned. I will not feed them often at all next time if I use soil again or I'll go organic instead. I overfertilized my plants pretty badly this time lol
  14. Thanks for the input.. I'll watch them over the next two days and see how they develop..
  15. Can anyone help??
  16. Help you with what, are the problems persisting? Are the plants' leaves continuing to yellow and die off? If so, how much did you dilute the fertilizer when you feed your babies? More importantly, what about your new growth, does it look normal or is it showing signs of irregularity? Also, what is your maximum growroom temp?

    I'm sorry I answered your question with more questions, but I really don't know what's wrong with your plants. I think that early dose of ferts did way more harm than really should've held out until the third week of veg. All I can suggest is that you wait a couple more days...maybe a week or two. The plants should fix themselves in the meantime.
  17. Max temp is around 82/83... After I watered the plants without nutes most of them seemed to go back to normal.. one is still showing yellowing on the new growth...

    Okay so I just went awy for the weekend and watered the plant with just water right before I left. My plants are doing okay, but there are still some problems with certain leaves. As you can see in the pictures, the problem effects THe bottom and some of the middle of the plants. THe leaves in the first picture are all from the same plant. Any idea on what kind of nutrients these girls need?? IT seems wahtever I try doesnt clear up the yellowing/burning/curling/etc.. One of the leaves in the first picture has light green on the tips , coming in towards the middle ( The one all the way on the right )

    any help is appreciated..

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  19. bbbbbbuuuuummmppppp

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