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    First off I’m just getting into indoor growing, I’ve been growing outdoors for a few years now. I am on a small budget and wanting to start growing indoors because our growing season seems to be getting shorter.

    I pretty much have everything needed except a light. I will be using a 32x32x63 grow tent and will be growing either 2 autos or 1 photo at a time.

    I only have about $200.00-250.00 max left in my budget for a light. The 2 I’ve been looking at are:
    LED Grow Light - 800W COB LED Grow Lights Fixture Full Spectrum 3000K COBs and 3W LEDs with UV IR for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Lighting


    VIVOSUN 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Veg and Flowering

    I know both do not draw the wattage that they have listed and it’s much lower, but would either of these be worth wild.

    I’ve tried to search through this forum but there are a lot of older post and we have newer technology now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m more leaning to the first one myself.
  2. Quantum Boards seem to be the hottest things lately .

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  3. Ya, I’ve been trying to find those in Canada everyone is either out of stock or way above my budget. I forgot I buy them outside of Canada I get dinged with a decent import/customs fee.
  4. They always have the Chinese versions you may be able to get. Kind of bullshit they don't ship or have as much inventory for Canada.
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    I'm in a 96" x 48" x 80" tent I only utilize 48" x 48" I use 4 LED
    2x 1500w
    1x 1000w
    They work wel for me right now
    I think if you need to stay in a budget the vivosun could work for you , look for a light that covers your 32x32 footprint

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  6. I have 3 kits in a 5x5x6.5 tent.
    The price is per kit, and each kits has driver, dimmer, 2 of the 288v2 boards, heat sink, wires, and connectors.
    Everything you need to turn on the LED's.
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  7. Would I need the 125w or 250w version?
  8. @harddrive would be the one to ask on the quantum boards .
    Me I always buy the most powerful .
    That's just my personality

    I would start over with QBs but I was unaware of them .
    Now I have to pull a few harvests off before I change over .

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  9. I'm not to up on QBs not sure if that is worth it ,
    I dont know if it is good for veg and bloom or just veg .
    If I were you I would read up on quantum Boards before committing to a purchase .

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  10. What’s the foot print you are trying to flower? You want 30-35 watts of QB per square foot of growing space.

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    My 2¢

    Worth the extra money to step into QB's.

    Roughly the same foot print. Superior light in usable light, color is pleasing to the eyes like being outside. Not orange like HPS and not blurple.

    I would recommend a ceramic metal halide setup before I would recommend a blurple lighting setup tbh, but that's just me. Not bad price. Nice color spectrum Do not run as hot as HPS and normal metal halide. If you want to save money AND still have kick ass lighting, this is a good option.

    These moms are under 24 W/sq ft of quantum board (LM301B diodes) lighting. I have to cut the f*ckers back all the time. Probably going to have to take new cuts and start new moms because the growth rate is so crazy. They really penetrate the canopy too. Tight internoding right up until the tent gets right cramped.


    I have some blurple lighting but it's relegated to my small spare tent I keep for babies, mom overflow, cloning, just spare space etc. I just don't get near the growth rate with my blurples if we go watt for watt, sq ft for sq ft.

    I say spend the extra money. Totally worth it. I use 3 of the Fotop panel sets myself (600w sets, 1600 diodes per set) in my flowering tent. Beautiful light, manageable heat, nice canopy penetration, vigorous growth.

    I paid a pretty penny for all these, even with the discount vs domestic sources, and I freakin' love them.
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  12. I have the 3K version of lights. They work ok for veg but kick ass for flowering.
    I don't mind the small setback on veg, I only veg for 2 to 3 weeks anyways the rest is what I want. The best light for flower is my thoughts.
    Shipping is high coming from China, if you order a couple more the shipping dont change much. So if you have a friend that wants a couple also, then you can save a buck or two.

    Oh, also check out the Master Blend receiph in my latest grow journal. That stuff kicks the shit out of anything on the market and a 2 yrs supply, about 80 bucks.
    Look at them buds, so heavy they are falling over
  13. So the lights you mentioned veg and flower ?

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  14. The ones in my flower tent are probably better technically for flowering as 2 sets are 3000K with additional far red diodes, and one set is 2700K which is definitely a flowering color temp, but I get vigorous growth, tight internoding and strong lush plants when vegging and flowering. I use them for both
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  15. Not a bad price for domestic. Nice! Saves broker fees, and the wondering. I tracked my one set all over North America for a week before finally coming back to my side of the country LOL!
    "Where the f**k are you taking my lights UPS?"

    2x4 might be a little dark on the outer edges. I thought you said you would be looking for a light for a 32"x32" tent (less than 3'x3') earlier on.

    Assuming a 2x4 (8 sq ft) that will put you at 30W/sq ft but at 100% draw, which even despite being an LED setup, will push the heat. They become less efficient as you turn them up. Still better than HID, more manageable and less intense heat that tends to still keep your leaves much cooler, but your ambient will rise.

    If you keep the driver outside the tent, that will help, but you will need a good exhaust setup regardless driving it hard like that. You could prob run it at 75-85% and do well, and maybe look for supplemental lighting for those edges after a few cycles.

    My plants in my flowering tent are rocking under about 17w / sq ft of Samsung diode light right now (vegging them in there as I don't have room for 12 - 5 gallon bags to veg), nice and tight and bushy, and my moms are absolutely kicking ass under 24w /sq ft, so I think you'll do alright with that setup.

    Good luck fellow Canuck.

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