indoor grow light recomendations

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  1. hi guys please help i am stuck deciding between COB or a QB(i think) the COB is 150w full spectrum and the QB is 80w but i will get two i have attached pics of the specs .first time grower over here . i plan to grow in a 1m*1m*1.7m grow tent i have everything sorted just need the light 150wcob.JPG 150cob.jpg 80led.jpg 80wLED.JPG
  2. Go 400 watt hps i raised to 1000 and back to 600 to 400[​IMG]

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  3. I hear nothing but rave reviews about the quantum boards.
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  4. Run both
  5. I'm just getting going in a 3x3x6 tent with 250 qb. 2x288 v2 red spec. Super bright haven't turned them up all the way. My 1 healthy plant is super dense.
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