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Indoor Grow Light Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HippieShay, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hello all! This is my first time-grow and I want to keep it small and simple. I've saved up several seeds from some reggie and hydro buys and have been growing out my babies for a few weeks now. They've been living on my window sill, so all the light they're receiving is the suns natural rays. I need to pull them away from the window soon as they are getting a lil too tall (6inches+). I need to get them to a light source for a measured amount of time (preferably 24 hours while in the veg stage), but need some help deciding on a good light source. I plan to move them into my closet. So would a battery-operated LED light strip fixed up in my closet work for a good grow light or would it not be powerful enough? I just dont want to burn my place down on a f*cking grow light lol 
    So my real questions are:
    1. What would be safest for a small closet grow? Would an LED or florescent light strip work well? 
    2. Are there any specific things I should be looking for when choosing a light?
    3. When my plants reach about 40-60 days, then they should be about ready to harvest right? I've read that when the crystals turn from clear to amber then the plant is ready for harvest.  

  2. Hi mate, I think a lot more research is in order.

    No battery powerd lights would ever be enough,

    you can have hid lights in cool hoods that are perfectly safe in smaller grows,

    Led are ok if you buy the correct growing LEDs, fluorosis can work but t5s and a lot of them, jus as cheap to go hid.

    40 - 60 days... Who knows, depends on ur strain and how long you veg them for.

    You will struggle for answers that are easily searched for mate, get thee onto google ha.
  3. LED's work great! But, you need to do the research before you buy them.  There is more knock off LED's than there are legit ones.
    For your first run, try some T5's and keep it simple.  You have how many plants growing? You'll need at least 150 watts for it to be worth it.
    You dont count those 40-60 days until you switch to flowering stage, which is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of COMPLETE darkness.
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