Indoor grow journal, with pictures! (help appreciated)

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  1. Seed are legit from Barcelona seed bank

    PH'd water
    Temps ~70 Degrees (perhaps too low)
    Rockwool transplanted to Hempy Bucket
    2 CFLs
    No Nutes

    Anyway, the plant sprouted, and I transplanted it, but it has ceased to grow. Will post pics later today
  2. Had to add a little support to hold the guy up, not sure what's causing the failure to grow and weakness in the sprout

    sprout [​IMG]
  3. What the little guy looked like pre-support

    What's wrong? Is there some reason the plant isn't growing? (no nutes yet, as it's still early vegging)

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  4. Looks like you transplanted her too early and she's stopped growing due to stress.
    Just keep looking after her and she should turn around soon.

    Good luck mate
  5. Looks watered way too much. let the leaves ask for water..
  6. Thanks, you guys rule I'll slow down the watering.

    By "ask for water" I'm assuming you mean sort of curl inward and look generally dry?
  7. Here's a setup shot

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  8. Goodness, is everything possible going wrong with this little guy?

    Now there's some light burning augh poor girl

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  9. Changed it so there will be more humidity and upped the temperature, hopefully results will show, nothin has grown in like... The past week now
  10. That looks like an awfully big container for a small plant. I usually start of in smaller cups or pot and let the roots develop before putting it in a 5 gallon bucket. Also it may be there is too much light or heat from the light stressing it out. Sit down and ask it what it needs? you might be surprised on the answers you receive.. Then again it might just make you feel a little silly. ;) Good luck on your plant, man.
  11. Get some air circulating on that seedling and back the light off. Airflow will signal the plant to produce cellulose to strengthen the stem and will also help keep the heat down.
  12. You guys rule.

    This is obviously my first time through thanks for guiding
  13. New photo;

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    Disaster has struck, to an extent. What am I doing wrong? I just don't understand how I can have read do much and everything seem so simple and then it just doesn't work for me

    And now the image won't upload. Anyway, the sprout has wilted off to the side, will try to up picture later
  15. You also need to keep in mind that this "plant" isn't even close to vegging stage yet. Its still a very young seedling.

    Also, I freakin hate rockwool. I sprout my seeds and put them directly into a 50/50 mix of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Light Warrior and have yet to lose a seedling by doing it that way. But hey, the same thing doesn't work for everyone.

    Don't give up. If this attempt fails just try again. You'll get there!
  16. Im going to try again but this time much more planned;

    Rockwool soaked with 5.8 ph water*(maybe ditching it and going straight to 50/50?)

    Let it dry out as to not overwhelm the seed
    Germ the seed paper towel method
    Put seed in 2-3x diameter of seed in rockwool
    Put heat blanket on low for ground warmth
    Add ph'd water from bottom up
    Ill have a layer of perlite for added drainage, not to cause root bound
    and to prevent lights from hitting roots
    Once seed sprouts, give it light
    Cut side holes for wind movement to strengthen stem
    Moniter lights, and humidty, temp stable at 78 degrees
    F***ing pray.

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