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  1. Hey guys, I've come to this section of the forums because I am looking for some input on the topic of the best/worst
    areas to grow. This post is more aimed at housing versus renting, but also different techniques when growing in a
    rented house. If this topic is more appropriate for the grow room section, I will move it.

    So, where do I start? I am a semi-new grower, started growing back in high school, had a strain of green lightning, so
    I know how to treat a lady right. I live in California, and plan on applying for a medical card soon. I have been doing
    a lot of research lately on design set ups, more specifically different techniques involved in setting up a grow room.
    The consensus I have accepted after reading many threads, and watching a few videos is that the best place to grow
    indoors is in a house you OWN.

    This is where my issue has sprouted. I am a male, in the early twenties, and I am unbelievably determined in
    completing this goal. Buying a house at this age, let alone being accepted for a mortgage in this economy is nearly
    impossible. I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot, because renting a house is simple, yet from what I have
    understood thus far, being in contact with a landlord is always much worse than owning the house.

    I believe I have two basic options at this point; either find a female willing to marry for tax purposes, (both of our
    incomes would be merged when the bank went through a mortgage approval), which some would think is just stupid, or rent
    a house, and setting up a fool proof system. :cool:

    From what I understand so far, a landlord has to notify the tenant at a minimum of 24 hours before entering the
    premises. Some believe this is enough time to remove plants from the room. I also believe this is plenty of time, but I
    want to be absolutely sure I can move my plants within the alotted time. This is where the grow room comes into play.
    From most of the images I have viewed within these forums, typical grows are stationary, but I want to build a system
    that is portable. This image provides a visual for the idea I had in mind:

    The hydroponic system will be set up in a bathtub. The light will be supported by plastic tubing/adjustable metal
    chains, and the enclosure will be encased by a plastic covering, (for easier temperature/airflow control) . The tub
    will have rotating wheels on the bottom, so if and when the landlord calls for an inspection, the tub can be drained,
    and easily moved into a truck for temporary storage. The height of the tub/encasing will also be able to fit within a
    designated truck.

    Again, I would rather avoid this debacle and just own a house for myself, but buying at my age seems to be rather
    difficult, and having a mail order bride sent from another country is pretty sketch ;)

    Please, if you have any suggestions, post them, all viewpoints are welcome, and I don't have many people to share this
    with, so finding some expert input would be much appreciated!:eek:

    TLDR: Can I own a house in the early twenties? (35k-60k range, preferably 2 bedroom). If not, how can I go about
    renting a house, and growing?
  2. find a duplex or small house and you should be able to get approve with 10% down if you've got decent credit.. assuming your talking about like 60-70K max
  3. I have good credit, and I'm sure I can afford a 100k+ house, if I'm married.. I've been looking around on craigslist for houses under $100,000, and there seem to be more than a couple listed in the area which should do just fine. How should I approach the bank/lender on this? I don't want to make it blantantly obvious that I'm up to no good. I think of myself as a respecable member of society, clean cut, so I don't think they would turn me down based on demeanor. It also seems like a mortgage depends on your credit score/income. If I can afford a house, with 36% or lower removed from my monthly income, would they still be able to deny me?
  4. Dude if you live in CA then just get your medical card ASAP and the grow will be legal, rented house or not.. I wouldn't exactly announce it to my landlord but if he/she found out you can just show them your medical recommendation.. and at worst may have to find somewhere else to rent, no legal bs tho.

    Also yea buying the house depends on credit, if you got OK enough credit and the $$$ to back up you should have no problem finding a house to buy, especially nowadays.
  5. Thanks for the response! The good thing is that I haven't started the grow yet, I wanted to be absolutley sure that I was in the clear safety wise.

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