indoor grow help pls.

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    Lower leafs turning yellow. Tops have burn spots little ones on some and none on others. Have them in Fox Farm Oceanic Forest. Have not fed any of them any nutrients thus far. Test the pH of my distilled water with drop solution and color graph. I was using the water from my basement facet but once i saw a orangish hue on the perlite i changed to the distilled. I am using 4-54 w 4-foot HOP. I have them on 18-6 about 8" from the top of the plant. What would you recommend my first step be to help heal them? I am skeptical on messing with my pH or transplanting. My first time, not really sure where to start with everything out there. I feel as though its a nutrients deficiency. Am I right?
  2. You'll need to post pics for a solid diagnosis.

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