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  1. I'm actually still on the fence regarding hydro or soil. Really need to iron out that little detail soon.

    I have lurked here for years, following a couple of grows, always dreaming about that one day where everything lines up.

    Anyways, I am now in a situation where my state has medical marijuana and I am now residing in a place that will allow me to have a 9'x9' indoor grow area.

    My concerns:

    Internet security: What steps do you guys take to mask your identity online? Is it safe to post a detailed grow complete with pictures? I know that certain steps have to be taken in regards to the actual photo, but what about your ISP?

    Soil vs Hydro. I am leaning towards soil because i keep reading that it tastes better. I think that is a major factor, but I am also looking for weight. I like to cook edibles. With soil, what is the pest situation like? Assuming that we're talking about an indoor area with very low traffic.

    If someone knows off the top of their heads, what are the yields of hydro vs soil? Are the costs for hydro relatively low or is it something i have to take into account.

    Timeline: This is the beginning of my research. I have followed a lot of Bubble bucket hydro grows, but recently i have leaned towards soil. As i mentioned before, I have a 9'x9' grow area and potential for backyard upgrades. I have three months before everything will take place. I might do a micro grow to help me get a hands on idea of what to expect. I'll be posting updates here!
  2. hey man im still learning myself i just switched from areo to pot for a few resons both have there ups and downs but my problems were i had home made areo pots and my pumps went to shit didnt check them and the crumbled and died very quickly and i rent and when i have inspections i have to hide everything and thats hard when they have to be watered every 15mins and have chunky resivors to cart aroud aswell
    but with a good areo system they thrive and grow probly twice as quick you have proper control on nute uptake so yeild is bigger
    but to start off id probly use soil till u get some exp and grow some good kaka then step up to hydro (AREO) thats what im doin
    ps im still learning so dont just listen to me im just going off my smal exp
  3. Sucks about your aero grow. Aero looked to complicated for me. I'm leaning towards soil because people keep repeating that it just tastes better. Haha! Can't argue with that.
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    As far as taste goes, I think that's dependent on the additives used, when it was flushed, and how it was cured. Most hydro systems will be a little more expensive than soil, with the addition of reservoirs, pumps, tubing etc. It is the common opinion that hydro will give you a higher yield, and or faster growth.
    I personally have chosen to use coco as my medium, and I would recommend it for any beginner. It seems to combine the best of both worlds. You can water like soil or hydro. It is more resistant to pests than soil. Provides plenty of aeration for your roots. Also coco is very forgiving to mistakes, almost impossible to overwater yet holds water for days.

    It is also a great additive to make a soil grow better.
  5. With soil grows, are there problems with pests that come out of the soil?

    Been on vacation, haven't had time to do additional research. My main concern is prepping my room. I think the grow start date will have to be mid June maybe early July.

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