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  1. alright hello.... after a name change and a year from my last grow im looking to go again.... im running a custom built box.... 4feet tall 3feet wide and 3 feet deep... im looking to do 4 plants under ~400-500 watts of CFL bulbs
    the seeds are bag seed from some cali kush i got... so far 3 have just about sprouted out of the dirt and one is laggin behind... hoping it pops within the next day or so
    i will say that i do not like the dirt they are in... this was spurr of the moment after hearing about a friend of mines father having to hit the streets looking for medication after he was in a car accident and need some sort of back fusion surgery or something.... felt bad for him and didnt want a respectable guy like that slumming the streets
    i am going to get them new dirt in the next couple days
    i use vigoro plant feed for nutes, very basic/natural stuff i dont need anything else im kinda a purist... and am looking to scrog/fimm top these babies just for fun
    will post pics often now that i know how to lol.... anyways this is what i got
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  2. also not exactly sure why the photos came up side ways.....sorry
  3. nice, is that actual watts or the equivalent?
  4. no thats actual watts.... equiv is like just under 1000
    will have more pictures once i get some more growth
  5. Um counting ten bulbs, how theee Fuck do you get so much wattage lol. What's each bulb measure up to?
  6. lol those are just the low lying ones i have hanging closest to the plants atm.... i built the box with 6(i think it was six yeah) light fixtures tied into an electrical cord running to a 3prong plug that is plugged into my "hot box" in the cab itself.... yeah i did some elctrical work hehe
    the lights u see there are 35w and 50w.... i also have 2 big "bopper" bulbs which measure at 100w each.... i have those in both 2600k and like 5400k (for veg and flowering) lol.... all in all there is usually around 14 bulbs plugged in at any given time once they get going.... il get better pics up when i can for ya lol
    but as u can see i have the light splitters and extenders for the bulbs so that i can run many lights on each fixture and the fixtures themselves are rated to supply around 550w each so thats not a problem
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    well fml tonight (just a couple min ago) i went to check on the babies and found that only two are really thriving right now... i blame most of this on the soil they are in being that it truly sucks lol but ill take the two and grow the ever living piss out of them
    perhaps a blessing in disguise being that i now have more room to dedicate to them
    but anyways today i got the new soil for them... and i am going to find bigger buckets to put them in tomorrow so that they have more root space and can get bigger
    anyways here are pics of the two that are doing well
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  8. Dude you shoyuld add something to that soil to air it out. Your plant might stall later down the light due to poor aeration....I know mine just did. Add some perlite or just go with some aquarium gravel. Mix that shit up 50% gravel 50% soil and you'll see a big difference, they'll thank you for it lol.
  9. idk if im gonna add perilite but i am changing this soil like ASAP.... the stuff they are in now was literaly thrown together spur of the moment and i just dont like how it is  lol
    i forgot how quickly they grow in the early stages though damn

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