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  1. Hey guys, so I am back and happy to say plants are doing ok. They are in 3gal pots using CFL lightings. Feeding nutes , water,water nutes every 3/4 days on a 18/6 schedule. They have been vegging 2 months and still not bushy how I want Plz help don't know if I'm having ph issues or if it's a nute issue. Bottom fans leaves have been dying and my pics posted are right after my first prune session. Was planning
    To top them in a few days & then let them recover for an addiontial two weeks and throw them in flower as I have Height restrictions. I was planning on purchasing a 4x4 shorty gorilla grow tent. Will that be suffienct for my 2 plans? They are around 1ft 2 inches ,
    1ft 4 inches, plan to throw in flower 2 weeks again possibly 2ft. I want them healthy & thriving before flower plz help? Thxxxx xoxoxooxoox

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Anyone that buys a short tent after a few grows wishes it was taller. I would get at least a 6' high tent if not 6' 6" if you can find it. Mine is 6' 6" and I couldn't imagine having it lower. I've been running my light all the way up for headroom for like 3 grows now. If you have to stray from the gorilla brand to get a taller one don't hesitate. There's plenty of cheap brands that work great like apollo. The mars tents are reasonable. My hydroplanet amazon special is still working great. It's $150 for a 4x8x80" tent from them right now. Hard to beat that. Make a 4x4 veg and flower room out of a 4x8 like I did probably cheaper then just the short gorilla.

    Your plants look very healthy. You're doing good work. They're growing slow because you're using CFL's. Don't concern yourself with the dying leaves on the bottom. That always happens no matter how healthy the plant is. It auto prunes the old leaves off the bottom that aren't getting good light anymore.

    Personally I would get myself a flowering light of some type. A cheaper 300w-600w LED is the easiest way. HPS will have you buying exhaust fans, ducting, ect, and struggling to maintain temps unless you know what you're doing.
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  3. My tip would be get a viparspectra 300w LED it's good for both vegging and flowering and it's one of the cheapest of the high end LEDs only $80
    2nd in my opinion the plant could be trimmed up a bit but that's just me some people don't like to trim or trim to much

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  4. You need way more light for plants that size
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  5. How many watts of cfls are you using? Just curious since I'm on my first grow with cfls too. Your girls do look good tho for sure
  6. You're doing damn well with just cfl, but get two vipar 600's I have one and I'm pushing it's limits with 4 plants.

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  7. I like you man. I agree she needs a reasonable LED but you just called viparspec high end and we're going to have to disagree there. =)

    It's probably the lowest power per watt of led of any grow light. Their 600w led is 276 watts. My platinum p450 is 255. They run their led's at really low power and are one of the cheapest grow lights on amazon.

    That said I do think they are worth the money. Look at the actual watt ratings and know what you're buying though. It's no better then a mars 300 IMO.
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  8. They run there leds at a lower rate, but the only downside is price per size, they're cheap, they're run at a lower % meaning less likely to due to working too hard.

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  9. Meizhi and viparspectra are made by the same company. The 900w meizhi (400 at the wall) for 200$ is a great deal. Yet maxsisun has better par per watt for just a little more money.

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  10. Thanks for all your replies they are taking over my closet, leaves getting squashed ugh very nervous to top them but I have to at 2ft . Any suggesting on topping ? I don't want to screw this part up and At the moment I'm Using a total of 150 watt cfls . Should I be using more ? I am renting apt so keeping discreet with electric is a must , do you all suggest getting LED for flower for those purposes ? And should I use that led for re vegging as well and trash the cfls .Does led come with hanging system of some sort I am not a handy girl lol also Something is still off with my ph or nutes my leaves have burn symptoms or dying still, I will see if I can take better pics. Getting tent in 2 weeks so I can have my closet back and deal with the smell but they are quite expensive. everyone suggest 6 inch high tent gorilla brand very expensive I will check out the Apollo. Thxxxx for that advice as well :) xoxoxo yall are really helping ya girl out Can't wait to try them the smell is to die for and they are not even in flower yet
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  12. Are the LED system better then cfls ? And how are they on electric? I see a lot a comments on them and I want my plants more bushy? And don't won't airy bud to smoke this is all for personal use I want enough to last me in between harvest. This might sound dumb last question after topping and when I put my plant in flower being that they are topped will they still double in size ? Thxxxxx again xoxoxoxox
  13. Led is a lot better go on eBay and type in mars hydro 300... they have them on sale for 58 dollars with shipping and it's 135 watts you can not beat that price for the watts and the light is capable of producing more than twice of what 135 watts of cfl could produce. The light normally retails at 69.99 which is why I recommend getting it before the sales over if you truely are interested.

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    And nobody can say how big the plant will be after topping it but if you want to stunt the plant top it right before the flip. LST is what's going to help you the most though. Every time you water just tie the branches down by the next watering they'll of started to grow up some more so tie them down a bit further ect...

    Here's a picture of a smaller plant of mine that I topped and transplanted right at flip [​IMG]

    And this is roughly how big it got... It gave me over 40 grams.[​IMG] now I could of kept it a lot shorter if I would of tied it down but I didn't do much lst to it. But I didn't need it to be that short so I didn't worry about it.

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