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    Strain Information
    Strain: Unknown Kush
    Indica: 70-80%
    Sativa: 20-30%
    Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
    Environment: Cool or Warm air/Medium humidity w/ steady airflow and rich, organic soil
    Grow Difficulty: Medium
    THC: 16-20%
    CBD: contents unknown
    Lineage: Possibly Vanilla Kush x Sweet Tooth
    Average Height: 3-5 feet

    Soil: FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Soil
    Perlite: Yes + extra
    Fertilizers: Bush Doctor Flowers Kiss Foliar Food 1.0-0.30-0.05
    Jobe's Organics Bloom Booster 2-7-4
    Lighting: One 45w 6 Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, allows Photosynthesis 3ft away.
    Thermometer: Yes
    Container: 5 gallon pot

    What's up everyone, this is my first grow journal but my second actual grow. My first plant turned out to be a male so hopefully I get females out of these seeds. The seedling stage went great. Well, here's my journal. I hope anyone who reads it enjoys my journey to becoming a master. I'm also open to any advice anyone can give me.

    Seedling Stage
    Well I did have everything filled out up to the flowering stage but a number of things happened. One being the loss of a plant and after germinating about 7 seeds I only ended up with one plant in the end. Four seeds sprouted. One I accidentally knocked over and broke it's stem, and gave one away cuz space issues. The one I was talkin bout losing up there actually died from root bound... So I had 2 going officially, but now imma have to do this journal for the one that's actually making it all the way. The one that died was doing so damn good too, and right in the middle of flowering her roots ran out of room! It's all good tho cuz now I realize I only have enough light for one plant really. It's not much light for flowering either. I learned so much about lighting during this grow, mostly about LED's. It's true they help produce a lot of resin and trichomes! Not much happened in the seedling stage, or during vegetation so imma just put a few pics up from then...

    Vegetation Stage​
    She had a pretty rough transplant cuz I had her in a solid plastic cup and the roots at the very bottom were being stubborn so I kinda tore them off to get her out. All it did was make her lay down like that but the very next day she was sitting back up. I fed her very little, but still a decent amount in vegetation. I only used the foliar food on vegetation. She stayed super small til I put her in flowering, then she stretched like 8 inches in a week! Unheard of with that plant lol, til she got in flowering. I also had to put her in flowering way too early cuz the other one I had matured out of vegetation SUPER QUICK, like less than 60 days quick lol. I'm just glad with that situation and not having a separate area for budding, she still ended up being a female. Oh yeah I almost forgot how often I watered em was 3-5 days in vegetation. I fed em about every 2-3 weeks. The temperature stayed 72-76 degrees with medium humidity, although some days they did great with fairly dry air. Anyway, here's a few pics of her vegetation... idk why she stayed small lol.

    There ya have it, vegetation!!!

    Flowering Stage​
    Alright, now here's the fun but also hard part lol. In flowering I had to start watering her more often, like the longest she can go without water again is almost always right on the 3rd day. The only time I fed her a bloom booster was at the start of week 3. She enjoyed it lol, and the other times I fed her was with the foliar food. I think I fed her that about 3-4 times in flowering. Oh yeah I had to move and her main cola got bent during the move. I fixed it right away with a bag clip lol, those work great for bent stems. It straightens em up in no time! You gotta take it off after a few days tho if it's on any slim stems cuz the clips do squeeze small stems. It's easy to tell when your plant can stand without a support tho lol. Afterwards I thought she wasn't growing much bud cuz of that, but soon realized I had a lot more to learn about LED lighting. Her buds look like they'll be good quality but the yield will be SUPER SMALL lol... I learned a trick too, 32w per square foot using full spec LED grow lights. Totally slipped my mind with everything going on in my life lol, but I have a lot to look forward to in my next grow!!! I'm definitely getting a stronger light panel and a couple more 45w panels. I'll probly need a high wattage one for sure cuz I'll be growing multiple plants. If not 2-4 plants then I'll see how much I can yield off one again. I really wanna grow at least 2 cuz I almost had it this time lol. I'll figure it out tho. Where I'm living will have a lot to do with how many plants I can grow next time. I'm getting bigger pots too so I won't have to worry about root bound. I'll also be getting a nutrient solution just for roots and a flushing solution. It's crazy that after all this shit happened, at least one of my girls is gonna get to finish! Forgot to mention some leafs were drooping last week and for some reason I cut em off this late in flowering. Didn't even think to water her til after I cut em... and water is what she needed cuz after she got it the rest of the drooping leafs stood back up. Cutting those leafs off didn't cause this, but some other leafs started turning that yellow/autumn brown color they turn when it's close to harvest. I know a lot of strains are more colorful when they get close to harvest but this strain is really just green, yellow, orange, some red, white/amber trichomes and very few tiny purple spots. Really just the regular cannabis colors lol. Anyway, there's not much else to say now lol so here's some pics!!! The first 2 show how much she stretched in just the first week and I eventually put her directly under the grow light cuz what happened to the other one...

    One things for sure, she did pull thru! Now I just have to wait for harvest. I'm gonna take a break cuz the internet is lagging, might be cuz of all those pics lol and I been having to use my phone to get on the internet.
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  2. No pictures?
  3. Oh sorry I was just takin some to upload now lol
  4. What light you using? And soil? What nutrients are gonna introduce?
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  5. I just got all that down too lol
  6. Shit im in bro our plants are about the same age.
    Heres my black bomb, and lemon og candy day 3 I believe

    Are you gonna use a fertilizer with lower nitrogin come flower time?
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  7. Hell yeah man let's get this shit lol, but yeah I'm gonna get a couple more fertilizers. One definitely with low N during flowering.
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  8. I take it your seeds are not femonized?
  9. Well some may be. Like the 2 youngest seedlings came from seeds where one was light tan with cool stripes and the other was light tan with just a few black spots. The oldest came from a fairly big dark grayish tan seed. I got 9 seeds out 5 g's of that Skywalker/Mango lookin stuff. I got about 4 or 5 seeds from some legit Orange Kush and that could be what the oldest seedling is. I got lots more seeds out random strains and I do save seeds from really good grown mid that hasn't been compressed and pretty much looks like dank that was just seeded or grown past optimal harvest for more seeds to mature.
  10. What's up man, I got my journal updated real good and guess what? They are both females!!! One is for sure Mango Kush, but I found out my other one is actually a dank Afghani/Hindu Kush Hybrid! Thought I would inform you lol, I'd like to see how your plants are doing too!
  11. That's greag
    That's great news. My plants are flowering and doing lovely
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  12. Hell yeah, looks nice. I'm doin everything I can to keep mine strong and healthy. All I'm worried about is my lighting. I'm just gonna say fuck it and order another grow light this week lol. I could really use it. The very bottom big leafs, and some of the small leafs on internodes started to droop on my big Indica recently. Idk if it's cuz I been giving it too much water or if it's a lack of light. It has that bumpy texture on the droopy leafs like they got too much water, and they don't feel dry at all. I took 17 leafs off it today, 4 were already dead tho. The biggest leafs are so heavy it's hard to tell so I just took 2 big leafs off, the very bottom ones. I'll upload a pic of how the very bottom of my big Indica looks, but I'm sure my Mango Kush is getting less light and it's not having any trouble at all it seems... this is after I trimmed it up too... the top is ok but...???

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