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  1. I'm starting my first plans this year. A friend of mine gave me some advice and some supplies to get started but I still have some questions. I plan to grow outdoors because i need to keep this away from other people in my house (dont ask its a long story). I'm germinating the seeds in a shot glass and I'm going to put them in jiffy peat pellets when they sprout. Once they're in those i plan to move the pellets into yogurt containers with the soil i'm using. I have a big rubbermaid box with a light that i'm using to start them, my question is if its going to need airflow if they're just there until theyre ready to go outdoors
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    Well there are some factors you have to take into account if you aren't using a artificial lightsource or place them in the sun they will stretch. A fan is often used to strengthen the plant since it mimics the wind encouraging the stems to grow thicker.

    if your plant is stretched a fan could easily break it so keep one on a low speed setting and let your plant adjust to it and try to get them some light.

    ofc a fan does other beneficial things like moving air around stagnant air and humidity promotes shit like mold and bugs,co2 is moved around ensuring your plant has a fresh supply so keep fans on
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    I'm worried about it making noise. would I have to have it on? And when is the soonest I can put them outside? I'm a bit concerned because it rained here today, which isnt normal for this time of year. Also I'm using a smallish night light for light at first, is this ok or do they need more light? THis will onl;y be for a week or so
  4. yes airflow is important for seedlings so they can develop a healthy sturdy stock. air is just as important as light and food
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    You don't “have“ to do anything ;) its just a good idea.

    I don't know where you live and therefore i cannot speculate about your climate. Weed is pretty resilient and while its not recommended it can survive being put outside in pretty harsh condintions.

    But if i where you I would let it grow a bit indoors under a light before putting it outside. slugs, bugs, and weather can all kill infant plants.

    A night light is in no way, shape or form enough for growing cannabis. You need to redirect yourself towards the sticky‘s

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