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    So I've got 9 23watt CFLs mounted to a DIY hood in a well ventilated closet. For a growing media, I use my own EM recycled organic soil mix. Guess what I use it for.

    Ornamental flowers and heirloom romaine now.:p The goal is to make my closet 1/2 wardrobe 1/2 jungle.:hello: Pics to follow when I get my grubby little hands on a camera.
  2. <~~~ looking forward to some pics of your indoor jungle garden!!


  3. yeah, though if i were to do an indoor i'd grow plants that wouldn't gorw in an outdoor climate, like for me anyhting that doesn't gorw in ten feet of snow haha(thats an exageration but you get my point?
  4. I think I'm picking up what you laying down. Are you referring to poppies commonly being started in the late fall and surviving as seedling under the snow all winter?

    I have a different light schedule planned out, that's for sure.
  5. i have no idea waht you meant by that man, but i mean likesome tropical-ish plants, like carnivorous plants are awesome or you could pick some kind of subtropical fruit or vegetable that won't get too big
  6. Word. I was planning on growing flowers that bloom into a red, white and blue wall. That would be endlessly funny if I was raided.
  7. After poking around here a little yesterday, I've decided to go with the square foot method. My CFL hood has a 2'x2' footprint that would be perfect for getting tables ready to move to the back porch. If I hang a few of my spare 42watt CFLs up to support what's currently under the hood, I should be ready to get a table started.

    Last year everything on my back porch baked in the sun, but I'm hoping that plants under the SFG regime will be so crowded together that the sun can't reach the soil. I'm sure the switch from black plastic pots to a wood box won't hurt either.

    I'm off to the hardware store.
  8. good luck with your grow man, let us know how it goes, with pics if ya can:)
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    I have 2 indoor set~ups!!
    Here's one...

    6 ~ 24watt 2ft. 2,ooo lumen T-5 fluoro tubes rated around 6,5ook daylight for a total of 12,ooo lumens + 1 8oo lumen LED grow light rated arount 2,7oook

    This is my third set~up and is well ventilated with only a ceiling fan

    The plant is a fern ~ I forgot the name of's rated highly for reducing indoor air polution. It likes water and pefers to be fed w/ every watering


  10. Aerocaria is best grow indoor, its look too beautiful

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