Indoor Eversweet; Everbearing Strawberries

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    Just planted Seascape Strawberries; dormant bare roots.

    Eversweet; Everbearing

    Planting medium is Pro-Mix organic Herb and Vegetable mix with 30% old no-till soil.
    One container is EarthBox, the other is a 7 gallon fabric pot.
    pH’d tap water, no other fertilizer.
    Over-planted in the event some don’t make it.
    Will thin to six in EB, three in fabric.
    Will add 3-3-3 starter mix when I see new growth.
    Pinching off the first flowers, then it’s Katy Bar the Door.
    Strawberries by President’s Day…. E2DEAC19-9F92-4988-936D-821C99731431.jpeg
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  3. Plant on the right looks off, leaves are all bumpy and weird shaped. Better check that pH! :yay:
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  4. Day Ten
    Yippee! From a dormant ball of roots and crowns to blooms in 10 days is remarkable to me…
    Both the EarthBox and the 7 gallon fabric pot have the same medium and water. EarthBox plants seem far ahead of fabric.
    Super stoked!!

    0C1A06FB-9E1B-4028-B1F0-7277506B5979.jpeg image.jpg image.jpg
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    TODAY: DAY 18
    First flush of maybe 30 blooms- pinched off (recommended by growers) to allow the roots to mature. Amazing that these had a flush of flowers in 10 days. Equally amazing is how delicious the flowers are, I ate most of them.

    Each pistol of a flower has to be pollinated, one pistol for each seed. I will have to pollinate by hand (electric toothbrush). That’s what I do with indoor tomatoes. Love to see the little pollen cloud poof out.

    I really need to cull 2 from the SIP, and the center one in the fabpot. It’s always a struggle for me to thin the herd.

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  6. Looking good Weasle!
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  7. Nice grow @Weedweasle. It will be interesting to see how your strawberry plants yield.
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  8. Nice as I wondered about them in my bed I do carrots and other stuff lol
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