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  1. I am planning on getting a DWC setup going in the coming months and I have a setup in mind I want to bounce off a few more experienced growers. I guess I will just lay out what I want and see if anybody has tried it or has some tips on how to tweak it for best performance.
    I am going to try to give each plant it's own 'room.' I want to section things off so I can have a rotation of plants enabling me to harvest every month once the cycle gets going. I have settled on Crimera Blue to start with which has a 50-60 day flowering period. The rooms will be 4' square. I will have a two reservoir system with one res tank for veg and one for flower. These will be made from medium sized totes. I plan on making 4 of these rooms in my basement so they can be locked to meet local guidelines. The three main grow rooms will be able to run either veg or flower, but I will always have two flowering and one in veg state. The fourth room will be for cloning/early veg. I plan on running a 4 tube T5 for cloning, and some nice LED lights with veg/flower settings in the three other rooms. I will be setting up a net for scrogging in the 3 main grow rooms, maybe a double net and use the top one for supporting the buds in case they get too heavy to keep themselves up (hey, a boy can dream.) 
    After early veg, the healthiest plant will be xfered into a 5gal DWC setup with a Maxi Jet 600 inside for aeration it so I don't have to listen to an industrial air pump constantly running. The res' will sit outside the rooms to keep the water cooler and more accessible for checking levels. Each room will have a therm/hygro in it. I will have a fan/duct system running from room to room in the main 3 with a carbon filter in the last room to exhaust, as well as a couple wall fans in each room blowing down and diagonally for circulation creating a weak cyclone effect for more even temperature. Each room will exhaust from the bottom and blow into the top, with foam filters and duct interiors painted flat black to block light pollution. I figure sucking the coldest air from the previous room would help keep the next room cooler than running them traditionally with keeping the exhaust high. My other option would be a connected exhaust at the top of each room running into a box I can build which would house the filter and exhaust into the basement, then have cold air pushed into each room at the bottom, but this would be more costly.
    I will be putting the plants in hydroton, and the pots will be linked in series for the two in flower. I have a plumbing system in my mind for the main 3 rooms so I can easily switch between veg or flower res with a few valves so I don't have to keep disconnecting/reconnecting when I flip each plant. 
    What this will do for me is have each plant in the clone room for 4 weeks, veg in a main for 4 weeks, flip to flower, and after the 7-8 weeks I can harvest. This would mean every 4 weeks I would start a few seeds/clones and begin a harvest. Once I get the hang of it I can expand my grow by adding more rooms if I need more than one plant per month. The seed co. is saying that each harvest should yield 4-500g (doesn't say, but I'm thinking wet) from each crop optimally. I figure this means I will probably be getting about 4-5oz dried once I dial in the system. 
    Here are my questions:
    1. Are there any specific pumps you would recommend throwing in each res? The flower res will run 2 5gal pots, the veg will run 1 5gal pot and the small early veg container which will be made of a small tote about twice the size of a shoebox.
    2. What nutes would you guys recommend getting? Keep in mind I am trying to grow as close to pure organic/natural as possible. I will be flushing the plants very well, and every other week, but I want everything to be as clean as possible throughout the grow.
    3.  Are there any basic things to keep in mind that a beginner might overlook which may lead to devastation? I have done about a year's worth of research, but if I miss something obvious I will kick myself for not having asked this one!
    4. I have heard from some growers that have been growing for decades that spraying a solution of water and baking soda over the leaves and buds helps make a smoother hit. Is there anything I need to be aware of if I try this?
    5. One person actually told me they grow in organic soil and feed with nothing but sugar water. Were they pulling my leg on that or does it sound legit? The product I got from them was incredible, sweet to the taste, and very smooth.
    I'm sure more questions may come up, and if there is anything else you would like to share, feel free to do so! I don't want to get into a lighting debate here, I know a lot of people dislike LED or CFL lighting, but I want to give them a shot due to power consumption and heat. I can always switch lighting later if my yields are coming up weak.
    I plan on using nearly 100% of the plants as well. I will be using the fans/stems/roots to make hand cremes and things like that, sugarleaf for oils/tinctures/cooking for myself, and of course we all know what the bud is for. Once I get some experience, the laws become better in our favor, and I get the money to do so... I have a business in mind that will incorporate every phase of the process from grow to customer. I would really like to build a network of people in our community to make this happen that are also Michiganders, so if you're in my state let me know! I won't be discussing the details of my idea until I am ready to make it happen, but I plan on being a big part of our culture and community very soon.
    I did grow once before using DWC. I was using Gen hydro nutes, and each plant was a stand-alone system. Unfortunately I was about 3 weeks away from harvest when my roomate decided to set off a shit load of flea bombs in the house without telling me so I could seal off the room. Needless to say I moved out. The plants I was growing however didn't really turn out nearly as well as I was hoping they would. I feel I tried to rush them and because of that they didn't get very big, only about 2ft tall and pretty thin. Since then I have done a LOT of research, and I am preparing more adequately. I want to thank everyone for responding in advance, in case I am not able to get back to you in a reasonable time frame, so...
    Thank You, and happy growing!

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    Heya CG :wave:

    Love your post, buddy and stoked to see what route you end up going. I saw your question #5 and couldn't help myself but feel the need to jump in and answer your question... which is a resounding "yes!" You can definitely grow without any additives and use water-only organic soil. You don't even need the sugar!

    I know you've been doing a lot of reading, but I would encourage you to do some more. :D I brought with me a bunch of reading material to get you started.

    This first link is to a thread that my pal Jerry started and it is titled "indoor gardening without bottled nutrients".

    This is exactly what your friend was talking about. Jerry simplifies the whole concept in this easy-to-read thread. Highly recommended!

    Jerry's old journal is a cool read too :D

    If you want to learn more about soil building, then this next link is for you. It is a rundown of a basic organic soil mix and is the same mix that 90% of the grasscity organic members started with, including myself. In fact, my journal is listed right after and showcases the results of growing in this soil.

    If you really want to see what this soil can do, check out these next two threads. These are two of my favorite journals on GC.

    First is BlueJay's. His no-till organic garden is a true inspiration, and blue himself is a class act. Highly recommend checkin out this thread:

    Next, I'd like to recommend you check out my buddy CW's thread. This dude is no joke. He grows some of the biggest indoor plants I have ever seen. :eek: just a few weeks back he pulled a 1.25 lb monster outta there lol. All in badass, organic, no-till soil. :metal:
    Btw, he is also from the great state of MI.

    If that isn't enough reading material to make your head spin, then this should do it lol. The organic sticky library. A genius compilation of everything organic. :metal:

    Hope you didn't mind my ramble and my shameless plugging of organic gardening lol. Welcome to the forum. I hope you feel right at home. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm TJ :wave:

  3. Many thanks for all the info! Do you have any tips for any of the other questions? I think I am set on DWC for the first run or two, soil mixtures are damned expensive to get started with. I'm saying this before reading all those articles of course, lol. I know nutes are expensive too, but I also have another reason I want to grow DWC. The roots. I have a few recipes for cremes and whatnot that use the roots so I need some clean roots to work with. 
    Thanks again for all the reading links! The only finished education is the one you have when you die!!!
  4. I hate to beg, but... pretty please? I really want some feedback from some pros before I start buying supplies.

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