Indoor Durban Poison & Buddha w/pix

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    Day 13

    Started germ 05-21. Sprouts went to pot 05-26.
    3 x Durban Poison
    1 x Buddha
    Soil - fresh (unused) ProMix-1 (pH 6.5)
    Light - 400W MH

    1 gal. pots.
    All plants were watered 06-04 with de-chlorinated (aerated) water with 1-2 drops Superthrive / gal.

    Healthy DP 12hrs into LST:


    All plants were set in full sun on 06-05,06 75f-90f on both days and returned to MH for nights. I suspected sunburn but research says nute imbalance. Curled leaves are not dry.
    Ill DP #1:

    Note yellow/brown spots on leaves.
    Ill DP #2:

    This Buddha has been yellowish with white edges from sprout. Donno wtf is up with this baby.
    Ill(?) BU:

    After I took these pix I flushed the ill plants with 1 gal. with 1/4 tsp. 20/20/20 Miracle Grow each. None of the ill plants look critical so I'm hoping the flush will re-balance any possible mineral/hormone screw-ups caused by the Superthrive.
    More pix in a week or two and any opinions/advice appreciated.
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    Day 22

    DP LST. Humidity stays around 50-60% but fan leaves are getting huge. I'll end LST and let er jump skyward soon. 1/4 ferts will be used next watering. 2 DP are now in 5gal. pots and 1 DP and the BU are in 3gal.

    DP #1

    Although the older leaves are curled and some new leaves have spots, no additional remedies have been applied. A few bugs have had a small meal also but since everything seems well on it's way, I don't plan to fight back.

    DP #2

    DP #3

    Still a scrawny little bugger but it seems perfectly happy. Maybe that's the nature of Buddha.


    Close-up of spots.
  3. Day 36
    July 1

    I'm calling these all girls :)

    switched to 12/12 HPS on day 31 cause they're getting too big for my grow room. right after these pix I clipped 4 fan leaves off the 3 Durbans for a temp supply while waiting for harvest. see

    looking forward to 7+ days of hard sun. Durbans growing very long and lanky. I stopped full LST around day 22 and it's obvious that DP is a great strain for hardcore LST. I was timid and let them rise too early.

    morning pix. by the end of the day these little buds split and little hairs popped out. I'll confirm today.



    the Buddha is only bout 10" and I regret having to put er to flower (no visible gender signs yet) but I'm germing my last 5 seeds now along with 5 Sapphire Star. they're both classed as medium size so hoping there won't be such a huge size difference. they'll be going straight to HPS 12/12. watch for another journal.

    here's my grow area. wood back and sideboards. 2 tiered. styrofoam canopy and full front enclose the whole shebang. all is lined with survival blanket.
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    Day 40

    ok. so here's my dilemma. I never checked Durban Poison strain features before I got fully into this mess. if they were growed outside I'm sure I'd see 12'+ plants by the time they were ready for the axe. they're 36" now + 12" pots which is quickly reaching the vertical limits of my grow room - 54" without risking burn. on day 31 I switched to 12/12 to force flower, 25 days earlier than DP specs, but in the hope I could move things along a bit quicker. current growth rate is 1-2"/day. temps are maintained at 70-75f night (indoor) and 75-85f daytime (outdoor). pretty certain all 3 DP's are girls and I'm willing to stress em into herms for some seeds. (feedback?)

    option 1
    top em. I hesitate to do this 'cause I'd have to top up to a foot to get em under vertical control... and there's no guarantee they wouldn't outgrow their space again anyways.

    option 2
    move em outside. hmmm night time temps range down to lower 50's. 16 hrs daylight + 1.5hrs twilight... and it's currently a full moon. not sure how this will affect the whole show. (feedback?) I could also move em into my unheated garage to maintain a 12/12.

    option 3
    bring in Paul Bunyan and then concentrate on my next grow. but I was really hoping to seed some of this (I got some indica pollen stashed away).


    so gimme some feedback ya bastids. maybe I'l u/l some scratch n sniff pix next time.
  5. The plants are lookin' good, man! I am way into the African strains! I smoked some DP while visiting southern Africa ages ago - t'was sum gud shit!
  6. love the sativas doc. I just potted 4 new Buddah's and 5 Sapphire Star but thats another journal.
    I figured out an option 4 tonight - rebuild the growroom. hah. I spent the day with the girls and they convinced me they deserve better. so I gotta giterdone tomorrow.
  7. Ha! Giterdone! After all, you have that shop and what seems like good space to - giterdone! You could always make a tent like set up really easy with just 2 bys and flower bed liner. My first box was essentially all scrap wood and flower bed liner.

    Good luck!
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    ok. she's all rebuilt. took 2 days but I squeezed another 1 - 1.5' vertical in there. also added another 4' dual CFL but I gotta go to homedepot and grab some new toobs. man, them 5gal pots are teh suk. next grow will be 1 or 3 gal. that should keep em shorter. if docmojoman can grow in a pop bottle, then I aint afraid of a 1gal pot.



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