indoor dark time vs. outdoor dark time difference?

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  1. why is it so important to make sure that your flowering room is a complete blackout with no light leaks anywhere when plants growing outdoors are dimmly lit by moonlight, and to that point, full moons that make it very bright for nightime..

    i know light leaks cause issues with flowering, i just was trying to figure out why the moonlight doesnt seem to bother the plants???
  2. Good question...subbed to find out.
  3. I was just wondering this the other day.. Hopefully someone with some knowledge on this subject sees this thread! Subbed for the answer.
  4. if you want to put a single led in the room the color of moonlight it wouldnt do shit if it was there from day 1 of dark. but if you throw a plant that is used to 100% dark into a dim lit dark period you may end up with a hermaphrodite of a plant man.
  5. The moon is reflecting the sun, but it absorbs so much of the light and uvs that very little comes down to the earth, its basically a green night light for your plants.

    I've been experimenting with one of my plants lately, i bring her inside at night and she sits in a corner of my room where the light isnt above her but she does get hit with a bit of light in her dark period (just plain old 14 watt house lights in the ceiling of my room) and she is still flowering strong, but this is also a very strong strain that ive been working with, being that its pretty resistant to most things thrown at it.

    It's not so much of a big deal for your plants to be hit with light in the night, but its not advised not to do this everyday because most plants are different and all react differently to different things.

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