indoor coco nutrients? what lineup do you use?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Potosynthesis, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. hey GC i just cut down my first organic soil and ended up with about .5 /kw … now i have some cash to throw around for some nutes… 
    i plan on doing 6 plants per light in 5 gallon buckets.. going to grow in coco medium, drain to waste.
    my buddy uses canna nutes lineup with a couple of different additives from different brands.
    Ive also heard good things about HG and Advanced nutes.  I'm hoping that someone can share their experiences with different nutes and maybe share a couple of secrets.  Like i said money isn't a problem right now so let me know what you guys use! thanks in advance

  2. I use the GH line (General Hydroponics).  I had to adjust the measurements in order to have appropriate PPM. I also use Botanicare CaMg during veg due to the nitrogen content and then I switch to GH CaMg for bloom.  I also have Cutting Edge Mag Amp for the times that I may notice a Mg deficiency (growing in coco you have to pay attention to your Mg levels since coco is naturally high in potassium which offsets Mg).  I flush with a CaMg solution after about every 3-4 nutrient waterings in veg( I don't drown my plants, I give them enough to get them through 2-3 days); then I use a CaMg flushing solution for bloom.  Once I got my nutrients down I haven't seen any lock-out or burning issues; defficiencies aren't present either.

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