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  1. Hey guys!

    So I currently love with roommates who are kinda buzzkillers. SO. I will be moving out soon.

    So I would like to grow my own flower.
    I would like to do this inside preferrably in a closet. I have seen several small Indoor Hydroponic GreenHouses small enough to fit in a closet corner. Which I believe I could easily smellproof it.

    I was wondering what your guys opinions would be on the BEST of everything.

    Hydroponic? ex: Vivosun, Apollo
    Lights and watts?
    Nutrient additive?

    I really mean any and everything I might need.

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  3. If height isn't a issue i would do a five gallon bubble bucket. You would need air pump, air stone, bucket, net pot lid, reverse osmosis water, digital Ph tester, Ec/ppm tester, Ph up and down. lights, cycle timer, fan, neutrents: I use general hydroponics Treo, and cal/mag you can get by with just these.
  4. About how much does all this cost? Im not a broke pothead. But I also dont wanna play a stack just on equipment.
    I'd say $300 is my limit, give or take a little.
  5. Do you have anything already fishtank air pump and air stone? Bucket? Fan?
  6. Someone posted this earlier for a cheep light IMG_4177.JPG Netpot lid $2-$10
    Black Bucket $free-$10
    Airstone $2-$12
    Air pump $15-$-35
    Air hose $5-$15
    pH tester $40-$100
    Ppm tester $15-$100
    Fan $5-$50
    Nutrients $30-$250
    I'm probably forgetting something but you get what you put into it. Including research.
    Roots like oxygen. Leaves like light. Humidity is a factor. Air and water temp are factors. Hydro pH 5.5-6.5. Ppm for seedlings with 3 sets of leaves 150-200 then work your way up to 800-1200 at full size.
  7. Actually no. Right now I live with roommates but move into my own house in September and Im just ordering little pieces so Ill have it all by then and have it ready to go.
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    yo man just stick to coco coir / perlite mix with a 250w hps dual spec with a reflector for ur first grow

    as well u will need
    tap water
    nutes (lots of brands that r quite similar.. put 100$ on that)
    ph up / down
    ph meter
    ec meter
    6" to 14" fan depends on plant size and age.. i usually use a small 6" and when it gets bushy i put my bigger turbu fan..

    for a 250 hps u will need a closet of about 2ft x 2ft height 4ft or more.

    u will need a rachet to hold your lights.

    on this exact size closet with the same lightning, i started my first grow from bag seeds got 3/3 female and yielded 150g dry bud or just more than 5oz..

    i'd better say on that size of closet nowadays i wouldve grown only 2 plants but who cares when its ur first ;)

    oh yeah and dont go fency with shit hydro sellers sell you.. all a plant needs is water, nutes, air and light (and patience!!). get those factors dialed in from every aspect, air - do i have enuf airflow? is the rh and ambient temp right? nutes - do i over / under feed? lights - right positioning above the plant etc i think u got me mate

    neways good luck mate first time's a fuckin pleasure!

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  9. I grow in a closet. Link to my rig is my sig.
  10. What
  11. White Widow for a # of years.
  12. Yeah I can only get bag seeds. Its not legal yet lol. YET.

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