Indoor/CFL/rubbermaid . Auto #1 . Opinions please

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  1. Whats up GC!! I'm only looking opinions . I have an Auto #1 grow at the moment and she's 9 days in from sprout .. I haven't tried to grow in over 5 yrs , I jus need a refreshment .

    I'm currently using SA mix #4 . I'm using a 1g smart pot . I currently have 2 55w along with 3 26w 6500k and a few couple 2700k 26w . I have proper ventialtion and my box goes between 77-84 degrees . I have FF trio nute kit , which I dont plan on using till about week 3-4 . I only water every 2-3 days . My main concern.. is she very behind for 9 days? and why are her 2nd set of leaves growing inwards the way she is? It's not "heat".. I'm not "overwatering" I have not fed her anything but ph'd water . Someone please tell me what the problem might me? Thank you GC :wave:

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  2. Bump . Somebody w/ input?
  3. Im no pro but it looks ok to me
  4. I happen to use cfls in a tub and I have about 225 watts in mine vegging does rake longer def use blue or white spectrum bulbs for this and then I switch to a more red spectrum when u flower I have produced some real Chron so u can too. But like I said the veg growth will always take longer with cfls. But I like em.
  5. Subbed likethe rubbermaid . I got the same shit goin on

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