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    so ive decided to start a new journal, hopefully I can finish this one. ive got 4 flowering plants and 5 in veg, 2 of the flowering ones have been flowering for a month and the other 2 were put in the flower cab 2 days ago, 1 of the 2 that are flowering is og kush and the other is bubba kush, i have one clone of the bubba and 1 clone of the og in my veg cab along with three other unknown bagseeds that my buddy gave me two days ago which are in bad shape heres some pics,

    [​IMG]shot of the two along with the unknowsn, (top of the one in the front and the other is at the back hard too see) heres 2 of the shit ones i got from my buddy, i think the one in the back is a gonner,
    [​IMG] the other shit one i got
    og kush clone
    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]
    bubba clone [​IMG]
  2. stop by and tell me what you think!!
  3. ill get some closer budshots when the lights come on, hopefully you guys can give me an idea as to how much longer i should let them go
  4. Looks good, what type of soil and nutes are you using?
  5. Looking good bro.
    Im thinking at least 4 more weeks to go
  6. alright man thanks for the info heres some pictures that I just took of the all the plants
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]on the left is og and the right is bubba[​IMG]og
    [​IMG]og[​IMG]bubba [​IMG]bubba [​IMG] bubba
    [​IMG] bubba [​IMG] bubba on right og on left
  7. how much actual watts you using in your cabinet? I also have a grow cabinet that i currently have 1 female seeds c99..

    when i switch to 12/12 i have all my lights, I just wanna know your flower wattages as compared to mine.

    link to my grow is in my sig.. ;)
  8. I have 242 actuall watts of cfls but im hoping to get some more lights in there soon, and ill check out your grow
  9. im just using some no name soil from my local grocery store and im using natura blood and bone meal for nutrients
  10. What up?

    Those ladies are looking nice, some pretty strains you got running too :)
  11. Looking good bro?

    You ever thought of going hydro to speed the clock up by a week or two?
  12. unfortunately I just don't have the time or the money to get a hydro system set up and I would like to get a few more succesfull grows under my belt before I step up to hydro, if I can find a god damn job in this town I live in im hoping to get a 600w hps
  13. so you guys all pretty much agree with double007 at approx. four weeks till harvest?
  14. Maybe four, maybe a little less actually. I'm never set on an exact date when to harvest, I got by my scope (looking at the trichs)

    And I agree with you Pat about the hydro idea, I'd get a better lighting system before you start adding hydro with a lot more variables and equipment to consider.
  15. thanks for your input man, how much do you find the buds usually swell in these last few weeks?
  16. This is my second go around with flowering, 3rd plant, but they do get their swelling in the final 2 weeks, important not to too early.

    You'll walk in one day and say "damn, she's ripe." If you're having guesses whether she is done or not, she probably isn't.

    I harvested mine a bit early with about 90/cloudy and 10/amber. I'm gonna go and try around 50% amber this time because I want that couch lock effect :) Mine was a pretty nice head high, but I like the laziness sometimes that comes with it ;) SE Illuminated Pocket Microscope with White LED Light: Everything Else

    That's what I picked up for $8 including shipping, does amazing job at looking at those crystals.

  17. alright man thanks a lot for the info, I feel I harvested to early on my last plant I yielded just under an ounce and the plant was bigger than this one. I think these plants would have yielded more if I had of nursed them back to health before flowering as I got them from the same guy who gave me the two that I just put into flowering, the one plant that I had that I veggged from seed and then flowered was loaded with bud but it was stolen the day I was going to harvest

  18. hydroponics can actually be pretty cheap and simple to run. you can buy just about everything you need from local retailers and i think you can set up a cheap bubble bucket for what..20-30 bucks? just about the price you'd pay for a bag of soil. not to mention if you hit up a thrift or reuse store you could easily cut the price in half, if not even less than that.

    i recently bought an aquarium that has everything it needs to be set up as a bubble bucket, minus the net pot, for like 10 dollars at a local thrift store. not that i'll be using it for anything but holding guppies.

    and bubble buckets are pretty easy, a lot of people take them really far with their ppm gauges and reservoir chillers but really, you can grow great with nothing but a pH tester. and you can buy cheap testers for like $5.

    the way i see it, if you smoke pot, you've got to have a bit of time on your hands as it is. might as well use it to build your own contraptions and save yourself at least half the cost of purchasing prefabricated. just need to be a little resourceful.

    not that there's anything wrong with soil ;)
  19. The things that scare me about hydro are: You can kill your plants faster, you're relying on other equipment where if it fails you're fucked and get root rot.

    It's just added variables IMO if you already been growing in soil and have a set method. I personally plan on trying it in the future, just a few grows ahead where I have enough money and other stuff to where I don't have to rely on it my first run with it
  20. yes I know what you mean I just don't want to be relying on a system that if it fails I could not know for 2 days (cuz I wouldn't be watering or checking on them for 2 days) and It could be dead by the time I find out

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