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  1. hey guys its my first using 4 100w cfl bulbs...its been vegging for about 7-8 weeks seems like its not growing very fast...any opinions??
  2. hi, what soil ff mg etc? temps? what is the soil PH & the ph of the water ur using? any nutes if yes which ones? plant looks healthly so thats good lol,but need more info on ur grow, also if ur CFL's are just normal screw in size then they are prob 26 watt or 42 watt the 100watts is the equivelant watts they put on the box
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    miracle grow potting's are all normal...yes you are right 26w cfl's. temp in box ranges between 75 and 85 degrees....using floranova. its my first grow it was a seed not clone and it just sems slow growing...but it could be that im anxious to harvest.
  4. need a better picture, can't tell how tall it is/how many leaf sets it has yet. But judging off that picture, i'd say its hella stunted, unless you've got some major lst going on below it.
  5. [​IMG]
    okay here is another view...why would it be stunned??
  6. It should be a little bigger than that for 6-7 weeks. When using CFLs, the more the merrier. I would recommend adding 5-6 more CFLs in the proper spectrum (6500k) for now. That should help kick things into overdrive.
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    Yea that's definitely tiny. How far away are your lights? Assuming you meant 100w equivalent CFLs (23-26w actual), they should be right up on the plants, 2-3 inches away.

    For reference, here are mine at about 6 weeks w/ CFLs, and I definitely did not have the smoothest first grow:

  8. Ok I got 4 10 dollar 24inch walmart lights and my plants were 3times that size at 5 weeks. Your nodes are really close which is good, but maybe you need a different light spectrum to make them stretch. If u put that under a hps it would stretch out nicely. But 8 weeks ?? And also u need badly to transplant into a 5 gallon container. Your roots can grow and its stunting your plants growth. Peace out.
  9. yea how big is ur pot and someone said something about 6500k bulbs ur bulbs are probably in the 2000's. if this is the case that make growth slow its a 6500k bulbs if it says daylight on the package thats how i know
  10. need biger pot. transplant her

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