Indoor Cfl Critical #47 Fem

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  1. Hey yall i need a little help and was wondering how this plant was looking as it being my first fem seed my last two grows were autos so.but im on day 26 day 3 of flowering im sure ive done everything right im just wondering how long into flowering should i start seeing pistols 1371713574378.jpg 1371713593702.jpg 1371713697562.jpg

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  2. By the way im using ffof with grow big tiger bloom and snow storm ultra 1371713863497.jpg
    My last grow yeilded 4oz dried was so proud of myself the big cola their was the main and was over a oz and by its self

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  3. Well done.....pistols at 2-3 long did you veg? 23 day correct?
  4. I just finished my first grow with a crit47 fem free seed back in May. I found the little one hearty and a simple grow. I have a really small 400w CFL box and she produced 35g dried. She had to share the small box with my other and still did well.

    Later in flower I found she would show signs of nute burn easily, though a was pushing near 1k ppm.

    She dried great, tastes great, good high, and her odor is quite strong.

    Good luck on the grow

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