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  1. :smoking: images can be found at

    This plant is about a month old now.
    It's being grown in Wonder Soil, which I highly suggest to anyone because the stuff is the bomb.

    My grow space is super tiny at the moment, and im using bagseed.
    Currently the plant is under 2 18" Philips Plant and Aquarium Fluoro tubes and one 60w Philips plant and Aquarium Bulb. Im watering the plant based on how I feel the soil, since the soil im using contains polymers which trap excess moisture and release it when its dry I dont have to water as often.

    I pruned the top of the plant about 2 weeks into veg which is why it has two tops, The plant looks really stretched to me, and It has these wierd little white/yellow bumbs at the end of the stem right above the soil which I dont know what they are.

    Anyway, just looking for a bit of feedback as to how it's looking.
    I know im low on lumens, but it's the best I can do until my closet is ready.
    The plant is about a foot tall and is still on 18/6.
    Should I 12/12 yet?

    Anyway, any comments help.
  2. Plants are a bit stretched. Your lights are at the bottom of the barrel but, obviously they are growing the plants. Next time, fill your pots higher up with soil; you have about 6 inches of wasted pot because they are not filled all the way with soil. I take it you have not fertilized yet? If not, that's why the little yellow bumps and yellowing lower leaves. Feed now at half strength if you are using chemical nutes. If you can wait a little longer before going to 12/12, you will be rewarded with more grass.
  3. I'm surprised it'd doing as well as it is under that light. The incandescent plant bulb is pretty ineffective and gets very hot.

    And a classic beginner mistake (I can criticize because I did the same thing): germing and starting your grow before your grow space is really ready. That can paint you into a corner.

    You need more light and the right light, and your plant can't wait for you to finish your space before providing it.
  4. Wow, im surprised I can even put this thing on 12/12 it looks like it would crack in two the moment a bud grows on it...but yeah because I saw that in some small areas the plant was beginning to grow and fill out I was going to leave it another week or two to see what it would do.

    Would you recommend transplanting to add more soil under it at this point?
  5. get rid of that 60W bulb and get a replacement CFL. It will grow better. I would transplant or at least fill more soil up around it (transplant would be better).
  6. Yeah, Ive been concidering it the 60w makes it hot as the brimstone in satans asshole in there and it makes the leaves very dry.

    I have a 3ft fluoro tube I can cram in there, but its a sealed unit so Im not sure the spectrum. Glows warm, and the tube is white so logical deduction states warm white glow.
  7. I agree with SmnkVTEC.

    More soil, more light, goodbye incadescent.

    Also, you may want to do something about that spaghetti wiring.

    Better be safe then sorry.

    You cannot smoke what has been burned already and you cannot smoke if you are burned already.:poke:
  8. speggetti wiring thats funny you do what these guys tell you and youll be on your way to growing some nice bud,,,good luck...
  9. I take it you have not fertilized yet? If not, that's why the little yellow bumps and yellowing lower leaves.

    is this really an indicator of when a plants needs nutes? I have a shults fert. that is 5-30-5 can i use this for early vegging or for flowering cycle only? Im asking b/c my plants are doing that and thier growth has stopped.
  10. 5-30-5 would be decent for flowering, but for vegging, you'd want something with a better concentration of Nitrogen.
  11. The wiring you see has nothing to do with the plants, its from a breaker thats built into the cabinet, most of which is unremovable because its part of the breakers or its wire from things on my desk such as speakers, computer, etc.

    I plan on adding some soil under it today, but I was looking around and found something that said those yellow bumps at the bottom of the stem would be roots had I had more soil up around the stem. Is this true? and if so will they grow out if I add a bit of soil around them?

    The soil I used had some organic ferts in it, but no I havent really given it any during growth. Not too sure if I want to..
  12. Found a 250w work light, and some 15% nitrogen fertilizer.

    The work light is wayyyyyyy hot so im only going to put it on a few hours a night. I added the ferts.

    I also have some soil waiting to be added to the plant, im going to wait for the soil to dry up a bit before I add more under it.

    Plant continues to show signs of progress.

  13. It can be. There are many reasons why leaves can get yellow. Start a thread in sick plants and put lots of details on your grow and maybe we can help diagnose your problem.

    Noid, I did not realize what you are talking about. The bumps on the bottom just under the soil can be roots. If you see them, you don't have enough soil which we know you don't. I also did not realize that you had organic ferts in your soil. I was just looking at your pics and saw yellowed bottom leaves. Try giving them the 15% N fertilizer. If they are chemical ferts, go half or quarter strength.
  14. The leaves you saw turning yellow were the starter leaves and the first set. They have since dried up and fell off. The plant continues to grow strong.

    I noticed those bumps getting larger so I assumed they were roots and put about an inch of soil up around the whole plant last night to cover them. I've also added that 15% N fertilizer I see no real difference. I'll try to add some more pictures for you guys tonight.

    Thanks for all the help.:D

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