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  1. i moved my autos out to my barn and put them under 4 40w flouro tubes and some cfls. there also right next to the window so they get sunlight during the day.


    does it look like they needs more light? i have a 250w hps, just waiting to get the fixture.


    auto bomb on the right, pakistan ryder on the left.
  2. I would turn on your 250w now.
  3. so i moved the auto bomb in my closet under a 125w cfl, and the pakistan ryder is in a mini fridge i converted into a mini grow room. ill post pics of that tomorrow, heres the Abomb..


    ill keep it under this light it should be good enough. there are lot of bottom branches growing nicely..


    and here's the top, soon to be a cola..

  4. here's the pakistan ryder in the mini fridge, under a 105w cfl..


    i dont see how the auto bomb got so much bigger, they have been under the same lights except for like a week before moving them in the barn the auto bomb had the slightly higher wattage cfl.

  5. it's all about genetics
  6. well i haven't got the hps setup yet, still need a ballast. but i did add two 40w tubes to each side on the auto bomb. i plan on making one reflector for both cfls and putting both plants under it, then ill move my seedlings to the fridge the pakistan is in.

    here's the new lighting..
  7. Your title said "indoor auto barn grow", so I got all excited to see an automated barn grow operation.... LOL

    DAM IT.... :D

    Nice grow... :wave:
  8. haha what do you mean automated barn grow? thats the title because they started out in a barn.
  9. i made a hood for the 105w cfl and ghetto rigged it to my other hood for the 125w, so now i have both plants under the same lights.

    the smaller cfl isn't crooked it just hangs down a little.

    two of the autos from the new batch sprouted and there in the fridge that the pakistan was in. i didnt label them during germination so there either blueberry, royal bluematic, pineapple express, S.A.D., or northern lights.

  10. Just what I said....
    A barn which was setup with an IntelliDose (nutrient & pH controller), and an IntelliClimate... Which is all controlled from your laptop...

    Would not be hard to setup, just costly... ;)
  11. so this morning i went to check on the two sprouts that i moved last night, and they mysteriously disappeared! now there just two pots of dirt. doesnt make sense to me, i have the clones and a reveging plant in their and they havent been touched.
  12. Mini-rippers?
  13. stoner size smurfs that steal your stash at 420 in the morning
  14. haha im gonna fuck that thing up
  15. sounds like a bug did you check for the seed?
  16. yeah, nothing left but a tiny piece of a leaf. i figured i it was bug it would have eaten the clones and that reveging plant before.
  17. switchin it up..
    so i got the 250w hps setup on the two autos today, and planted the strawberry cough and purple widow under the cfls where the autos were.
    here's the grow room..


    and here's the new hps setup, does the light look far enough from the tops?



    auto bomb on the left, pakistan ryder on the right. indica vs sativa
  18. the pakistan ryder seems like its not really filling out much. anybody know why? auto bombs doin great
  19. Do you have parents? Girlfriend that doesn't like your smoke, or a roomate? lol

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