indoor auto barn grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xXSASquadXx, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. i moved my autos out to my barn and put them under 4 40w flouro tubes and some cfls. there also right next to the window so they get sunlight during the day.


    does it look like they needs more light? i have a 250w hps, just waiting to get the fixture.


    auto bomb on the right, pakistan ryder on the left.
  2. they dont look like need more but extra light wont be harmful only helpful.

    How old are they and what type of soil they are looking good from what i see
  3. they might just grow up to be anorexic with all them magazines ;) haha
    I'd wait till they got to be a bit bigger until I blast them with the 250 watt, there's no rush..
  4. Yes id wait too, also make sure to place ur 250 higher then you placed ur CFLs and id watch carfully the first day of using it to make sure its not bruning your plants ive had a friends burn his whole crop down withing 24hours after adding a 400w i know yours is a 250 but better safe then sorry
  5. thanks, there about 3 weeks old. in foxfarm ocean forest soil.
    haha yeah i found all those fitness mags in there. i guess my landlord liked to read about it but not try it haha.
    ill be sure to monitor the hps because when these plants were in my closet a 150w cfl was to much for one. it started growing away from the light, so i raised it and it was fine.

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