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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by charlie067, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. k do u have to start your outdoor plants inside for a while befor u put em outside and if so when should they go out i live in canada it gets hot in my province and i know of a few ppl who have growen outdoors here and had lots of buds come harvest if u can give me info thx
  2. ill try to answer this but i grow indoors.....i would imagine that you can plant the seed outdoors like it would happen in the wild, however you could help it's chances of survival by growing for a small time indoors and then transferring it.....from what i've learned from outdoor growers is that the best time to plant is when the last frost has april.....hope that helps the guide under my sig, it may help you has a bit on outdoor growing....Peace out....Sid
  3. I grow out doors. Only plant outside if the temp is going to stay above 40 degrees. If it gets below that it will set the plant way back or could even kill it. Make sure that you plant it in a fairly sunny area away from big trees,

    Growing in the mix of vegtables or small trees is the Ideal place. Make sure that you keep them away from trees that soak up alot of water or will block sun light.

    You won't be able to control ph to well, so check the soil for ph often and add or slack off with ferts as nessesary.

    I hope this helps!
  4. thx alot guys i'll see what i can do but i think for now i'll just let my indoor keep growing and like a month befor i harvest that i will start more
  5. ya might as well try at least some outdoors Ive started almost 30 of them now Ill put them out in early may just go out a head of time dig holes one foot deep then when your plants are ready to go out just put a layer of manure then a fruit spike little more soil then the plant look for areas that are hard to get to and where there is alot of green vegitation

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