Indoor and out? AutoFem seeds

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    Due to complications with my grow box (excessive heat because of poor ventilation& what seems to be nitrogen burns) I moved my plants outside, they are all auto-flowering feminized seeds other than two bag seeds that i later threw into the mix. They are not growing as quickly as they were in the grow box, but the majority of there nitrogen burns ( some being pretty severe) have seemed to have healed. If i get my ventilation and lighting problem fixed would i be able to bring my plants back indoor.. or have i passed the point of no return:confused:
    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated !!
  2. Well u kinda answerred it urself.. if you fix it, then why not ? lol, just dont let them get hurtagain, there ro precious P:
  3. I just wasn't sure if it would be harmful to them to go from cfl to sunlight and back to cfls.

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