Indoor and conservatory grow of Skunk No.1

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  1. Hey all, just thought ill keep on top of the posts and put an intro to this grow. So far ive only just put 5 Skunk No.1's in a propagator, literally only 6 hours into the grow. I bought the skunk coz i havent had any for a while an all the local dealers are none the wiser to the differences between strain and types if plants.
    The Skunk No.1 seeds were bought from Seedsman (UK) and come with the following info:

    Variety: Mostly Sativa (75%)
    Type: Stabilized Hybrid, True Breeding.
    Harvest date: Mid October
    Flowering Period: 9 weeks
    THC content: 14-16%
    Characteristics: Dense buds


    I have had a few semi successful grows before tryin it in a cuboard at a rented an shared house so it was v.differcult to keep it shady and take good care of them. It will be different this time i hope coz i have my own place with lots of cuboards and a conservatory!

    Well i hope you can all follow and help me on this one as i go, i will post up detail of my setup as an when i set it up. Got the 250w hps which is a great start.

    Are there any other UK growers planning an outdoor grow this year, have i started too early? It is only just startin to get warm got my parrafin heater for when it gets a little colder.
  2. Hiya.

    Already day 3 and my skunk seeds are looking good, i germinated them using the paper towel method until they broke free and then i potted them at the end of day 2. They were left in my propagator for a day by the window and i was pleasantly surprised when i got home today to see 4 perky looking skunk plants. Will take pics as soon they are big enough and will show everyone the grow room im setting up.

    Well thats all for now, Spud.:wave:
  3. cant wait to see ur pics.
  4. give us some entertainment with yoru pictures ::) :smoke:
  5. Ok ok ok, heres some pics of the GR an you can just make out the 5 seedlings in the tray.

    Very small but this only day 3


    Sorry for the sideways pics.



    Im still sortin the electrics out in the grow room, no power point near by so its high on the list of things to do. The cuboards got a small top part (good for ballasts, fans ect) and at least a 5ft stand in bottom section.

    Its gonna be great.
  6. grow babies, growww :)
  7. Hi to anyone who might be reading this, ive just put the ladies under the 250 HPS light in my cuboard (8-10 inches away). I finally got round to sorting the electrics and installing the extract fan. The young uns needed repotting as the roots were showing at the bottom so that was done this weekend too, I think one more repot for the ladies that turn up an all will be cool. Ill post some pics up again soon showing the progress its making.

    Coming soon.....
    Mylar covered GR.
    Some small computor fans around the light.
    Some square 17 litre pots.
    And finally some flowering nutes.

    Catch ya all soon.
  8. put a fan on those babies with that light so close :) move that hot air away from them as much as possible +rep lookin good
  9. Just some pics of the plants and a drawing of the GR so every1 can see how ive set it all up. I dont remember my last plants growing so quickly, maybe i just know how to take care of em a little better but even so im shocked.

    My grow room is a built in cuboard in my bedroom so light escaping from holes is a big issue, managed to use alot of gaffer tape to plug most of em. I drew a pic when i was v.stoned, i think using a little imagination would help alot.:D

    grow room1.GIF

    An jus a quick pic of 1 of em 7 days in.


    Thanks, Spud.

    PS. Cheers Cody3 for the +rep, ive ordered some little PC fans for the little ens to keep em all cooler than a Himalayan Goats Nads.
  10. good luck with ur grow man ive got a bagseed grow going about the same size as ur last pic

  11. hahahahahahaha i just thought that was too funny lol but yea computer fans are cool... but eventually you need to get one of those reagular house hold fans... like the desktop ones and stuff... they work perfect :)
  12. Hi all, just another update with some pic's, not too bad for only two weeks. I finally got some CPU fans to cool my lamp, hopefully it will draw hot air away from the bulb make it cooler underneath.
    My customized air cooled lampshade, had to use paperclips to bind it

    This ones showing some real strong growth for some reason.

    The last one which i won't post up is the runt of the pack, whilst repotting she tumbled an i fumbled an she ended upside down. Shit happens.

    Still trying to decide when to switch the time coz of em being sativa strain, ive never seen a sativa stretch! I was thinking within the next week or so. I will be giving them thier first growth nutes tomoro maybe as they are slowing in growth.

    Catch ya soon. Spud.:wave:
  13. slowing growth? then put them in some bigger pots :p
  14. looks good man, ill be lurking :smoke: keep it green
  15. Lookin pretty good, those look a little under nourished to me though
  16. Hi all, cheers for visiting my grow, good to hear some feedback.

    I didnt like my current supplier for buying matierals coz they are monitored by CCTV, so i searched an found a discreet and stealthy wholesale supplier out in the countryside away from all prying eyes:eek:. The owners even came out after opening hours to show me around they're warehouse full of supplies an grow systems. Whilst there i bought some nute's for the little'ens, root enhancer(i know its a little late but hey for the next ones!) and bloom stimulater all from b'cuzz. Also i picked up a reliable timer and a shed load of mylar! I think were rocking...

    Cody3: I cant see any roots yet but i know that a repot is inivatable, maybe at some point this week ill grab some larger pots.
    1r0n1ungs: Got some nutes for em today so will see how they take next few days.
    C you all soon.Spud:)

    Has anyone seen My Name is Earl on tv? I quote "Karma, do good things and good things will happen to you" , Amen bro!
  17. Hi all. This is another update on the plants as of 17 days in. Ive been feeding the girls a bit of my bio biz nutes an some root stimulant, i got some reflective sheeting too to make the most of my wee light(got a 400w one on its way). I repotted the plants too in some massive pots, i think this will be the last time.


    View attachment 38312

    View attachment 38313
    The runt!


    View attachment 38315
  18. Hi everyone, welcome back. Ive sorted a few things, the light leaks and ventilation were top priority, i hung a heavy black towel in front of the doors thats seemed to have sort my light leaks. I sealed the door edges too which also helped the light and increase the air flow coming in through the newly drilled 50mm hole in the floor! Also i found my shed heater that can blow too so i wired that up today. Its cooler in the cab by miles. Havent got a thermometer so i cant tell what its running at buts its cool in there.
    My new 400w light is great, its a proper light, not ike my butchered 250w with its noisey coil pack. Its all in the pics below.
    I almost forgot theyre all in day 3 of flower with appropriate nutes!
    Well ill catch ya all later.





  19. hey buddy, looks good!! im so stoked to hear you got a 400wHPS! and day 3 of flower, so soon! exciting! just think, in a week or two she doubles/tripples in size!!! its one of my fav times... alright, back to lurking... looks great, thou, attaboy! keep it green :smoke: peace

    edit: great now im curious... how tall did you veg em to?

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