Indoor 630 LEC 12x20 Flower room setup

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    I am starting my first indoor grow. My partner is a seasoned veteran of outdoor organic growing and we have new space for an indoor grow. We have consulted with many growers and forums and so far this is what I have purchased and ready to grow:

    13'x19'x12' Flower room:
    (4) 4x8 trays with
    (21) 3-gallon geopots per 4x8 tray
    (8) Sun Systems 630 LEC's 240v- (two per tray)
    Co2 bottled with controller/regulator
    18k BTU A/C
    Vermipro soilless mix
    Soul Synthetics plus a few others

    I would like to do either SoG or Scrog... Whatever will yield the most with this set up. Not wanting to go hydro for a number of reasons... Plan on hand watering the first round or two to cut costs.

    The goal is 2# per light! Sun Systems 630 LEC's (light emitting ceramic) are very promising.

    I would love feedback from anyone with experience using the 630 LEC's, Soul Synthetics, or any other suggestions for this indoor grow.


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