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  1. Hey, everyone. I'm a newb that's recently fallen in love with growing.:Love-Plant:

    I 'tried' to grow two plants in my bathroom last Winter and I caught the grow bug. Now I have a 2x2 grow tent on my dresser and the whole shebang.

    I'm forcing myself to keep a journal and I'd love to open myself up to the world of growers. Criticism, advise, suggestions, love, etc. It's all welcome.

    Let's start with a mission statement, and/or action plan, as it will provide a sense of what I hope to accomplish. Afterword's I'll talk about what I have going!

    I want to push the grow tent to it's maximum, utilize the amount of light we can distribute, maximize the space, and make every cent we spend on utilities count. That being said, the grow environment must remain organized, compact, and easy to move if need be. My intention is to experiment with different growing methods (pot size, nutrients, etc) and to grow multiple strains simultaneously via a SOG grow. This will enable us to learn which strains grow best indoors, which produce the highest yields, which produce the most terpenes, the most thc content, oils, etc. Lastly, I want this to yield at least 2 ounces a month perpetually, which is enough for us to have fun with on a constant basis without it ever becoming too much.

    I have two plants, both indica, a White Widow crossbreed called 47, and Private Reserve. They are in 3 gallon smart pots with a layer of clayton pebbles at the bottom, then a layer of coco, layer of soil, layer of coco, layer of pebbles, and a top layer of soil.

    I feed them every 2 1/2 days and use a A & B formula from Aquaflakes. I also use Calmag, Hydroplex, Big Bud, and Snow Storm Ultra.

    I'm using a Spectrum King 140w Closet Case: Best 100W LED grow light | Seed to Harvest - Spectrum King LED
    - plants are about 15" away from the light and I'm allowing the buds to grow up now. I'll raise the light if I have to.

    Currently doing a SCROG grow but I took cuttings to start a SOG for when these two are done. My girls are just finishing week 3 of flower.

    My clones aren't doing so good. I transplanted all of them as soon as I saw roots sticking out of the end in one of them. Mind you, I should have waited until each one was ready. Now two of them are hardly pulling through :confused_2:. I put them in the grow tent at night when the lights are on (not a lot of light under the canopy but some) and take them out and set them next to a Window during the day to give them close to 24hrs of light. They were under a humidity dome before I transplanted and were doing fine then. May have stunted them big time and/or doomed them.

    I also have 2 seedlings that sprouted (Moxie Seeds, Gogi Reserve) and are a week and a half old in solo cups. I have 4 more seeds germinating in a paper towel and I just planted 2 more seedlings in 1 gallon smart parts, Gorilla Glue Auto and Girl Scout Cookie Auto.

    When I do my SOG I hope to fill up every bit of space but test out different sized containers, so I'll be using a mixture of solo cups, a gallon smart pots, 2 liter coke bottles, and perhaps a tall 2 gallon. I also plan on keeping them stacked neatly in two 2x1 trays so I can take them out and move them around as I want.

    Let me know if you think this sounds crazy!

    Pictures coming shortly.

  2. Pictures!
    20170719_163908.jpg 20170719_163915.jpg 20170720_111211.jpg

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  3. Subbed up, my first grow back into it last year was in a 2x2. It was a fun project, good luck!

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  4. Definitely a fun way to start off! What was the most you got back per one harvest?
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  5. Updates:

    • Picked up 7 clones, some strawberry strain that was a 2014 cup winner, from a friend in preparation for my SOG.
    • Left 3 in solo cups and transplanted the other 4 into custom 2 liter Hempys. The clones were started in coco so I just filled the rest of the space with perlite and stuck some holes 2" up from the bottom. Not sure if I should top them first or just throw them all into the flower tent under the SCROG canopy to start the perpetual grow.
    • After flushing the 7 clones for 2 days, I finally fed with a light nutrient mix of A&B+CalMag. Today there is a very light nute burn so I may feed even lighter next time.
    • Currently deciding whether or not I should transplant the other 3 into 2-liter Hempys as well or just leave them in coco solo cups. Might be fun to see the difference in yield.
    • My former Goji reserve seedlings have both been topped at around 6-8". Waiting another week before I throw them into the tent under the canopy.
    • New seedlings are coming along well. Should be ready to top in another week and a half hopefully.
    • My 2 SCROG girls are doing great. Just entering the middle of week 4 I believe (going based by look since I didn't keep a journal at first and don't have a documented date). Some frost is building up.
    • Tent is staying around 60-64 % average humidity. After I water it goes up to about 70%. Before I water the humidity is usually around 55%. Not sure how to fix this considering I have so many plants under the canopy that also need watering, which raises the humidity some as well.
    • I have been slowly trimming my 2 SCROG girls to allow more light penetration through the canopy. I'm only pulling about 10-15 leafs a week to be extra careful. The canopy still looks LUSH! Maybe I could get away with pulling more.
    • I am going to remove my 100cfm intake fan and replace it with longer ventilation that should reach the bottom of the canopy, and then put a carbon filter on the end. It currently only blows over the top but now I can reach the bottom. I'm hoping the pull from the 200cfm exhaust fan is enough to pull air from the vent without an intake fan. I've been told I am just wasting electricity. Any thoughts here?
  6. Pictures:
    Canopy 20170723_234720.jpg 4 (2-liter) hempys for my new clones 20170723_091757.jpg Goji Reserve just topped 20170723_091809.jpg Taking the bags off the clones since it's almost been 3 weeks 20170723_091813.jpg 20170723_091845.jpg New seedlings coming along 20170723_091856.jpg New seedlings and my other topped Goji Reserve 20170723_234736.jpg Bud Shot from my canopy.

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  7. I'm subbed, looks like a fun lil project!
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  8. You mentioned you're going to ScrOG, are you attempting a ScrOG with those girls who are flowering, or with your new clones? Just curious since I did not see any screen in your pics.
  9. Thanks!
    I have two girls in SCROG at the moment. Here's a picture of the screen from a couple weeks back.
    As much as I love how this SCROG is coming along (though I should have used 5 gallons as opposed to 3) I'm more interested in maximizing my yield via SOG. So i'm getting it ready for when this SCROG is finished.
    At the moment I'm just keeping them under the canopy when the lights are on, and then moving them to my dresser to keep them from flipping to flower. I could probably start them under the canopy and by the time they stretch I should have cleared some of the leaves from my SCROG... But I'm hesitant to flip them just yet.

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  11. Nice! I plan on starting a ScrOG up soon. Did you top those baby's?
  12. I didn't fully understand topping when I first started, so nah i didn't. I did some lst though!
    That's exciting. What's the space you're working with?
  13. I think I'm going to start a separate Journal for my S.O.G. project and dedicate this one to my Scr.O.G. to avoid confusion about my two grows.
  14. Here is my new journal dedicated to the S.O.G. SOG Experiment in a micro 2x2 tent - 2 trays - 16 plants

    This journal is now solely for my SCROG.
  15. Haven't decided on a tent yet, but I'm probably going with a 4x4. 4 300 watt roleadro LEDs and some nice training, should do the trick.

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