Indi's Organic 250w HPS AutoFlower BudBox.

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    Hey hey,
    I'd already started a journal for this grow, but yesterday I changed from CFL's to HPS, so thought I'd create a new journal for the rest of the grow.

    The link to my previous journal is here:

    So, what the kit consists of:-

    The Seeds (I like my Indica's ;) )
    - Kannabia's Mataro Blue (Indica 80 / Sativa 20) --- 24/02/12
    - Big Buddha seed's White Dwarf (Pure Indica) --- 24/02/12
    - Nirvana seed's Blue Mystic (Indica 60 / Sativa 40) --- 24/02/12
    - 3 x Big Buddha seed's Syrup (Pure Indica) --- 04/03/12

    The Soil
    - Canna Bio Terra+
    "canna bio terra plus is the ultimate organic pre-fertilised soil".

    The Nutrients
    - Using the 'Canna Bio' Range.
    - Canna-Start for 2-3 weeks untill sex is shown.
    - Canna-Flora and Canna-Boost for weeks 3/4-6
    - Flushing in weeks 6-7/8

    The Light Cycle
    - From Seed, all six plants have been on 18/6 and seem to be reacting nicely.
    - During flower the cycle will switch to 16/8 or perhaps 14/10 if the Mataro Blue hasn't began flowering. (It's a very odd 'autoflower').

    The BudBox
    - 1x75x75 'BudBox', £90 at local hydro store.

    The Lighting
    - 250w HPS Dual Spectrum
    - 'MAXIBRIGHT Digital Ballast' to ensure bulb longevity,
    it also boosts Lumens slightly and lowers the heat produced.
    - A Standard reflector

    The Cooling
    - An RVK 100m3/ph Extractor fan.
    - Two 8" desk fans attached to the frame of the Tent.
    - 4" intake fan sucking in air from outside via a loft chimney.

    The Pots
    - Six 6.5L

    I'll take some pictures when I get home as I've gotta take my car to get MOT'd.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Got a few pictures to start off Journal #2 :):hello::cool:

    Elder plants are 15 days old, and the Syrups are 6.

    On one of the Syrup seedlings, she has one stunted leaf (8th Photo). Is that bad Genetics? Bad lighting on one side? Or should I just ignore...

    Cheers guys,

    Indi :smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  3. Good news!
    Lil miss White Dwarf has pistils as of the 11th, being 16 days old.

    Hopefully Blue mystic will follow suit soon.

    However, I need some advice...

    I was planning on putting the Mataro Blue into a dark period for 30-36 hours in order to force it to flower as its not a full autoflower.
    (It only works properly in 12/12 or 14/10 light cycle through out it's life so as it's been on 18/6 since seed, I don't think it will flower on its own.)


    The question is, once the Mataro blue has had her dark period (lol), do I then change the light cycle to 14/10 or 16/8 to help her flower and risk losing some growth with the other auto's? Or keep the 18/6 cycle and hope she flowers on her own?

    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Inquisitive bump :]
  5. Any ideas anyone? Gotta do it soon :)
  6. Day 17 update!

    Both white Dwarf AND Blue Mystic have shown sex after 17 days and im happy to announce they're both females :hello::hello::hello:

    Mataro blue is her dark period now, will take her out after 36 hours and switch the Light to 14/10 while feeding her flowering nutes. Hopefully that'll get her to flower.

    Ill take some pictures of the tiny lil' nodes once I get back from work tonight.

    Indi :smoke:
  7. Day 18 / Day 9 update with pictures :D:D

    Growth has been pretty insane as you can tell...

    The Mataro Blue has just come out of a 31 hour dark period.

    The Light cycle is now set to 14/10.

    Flowering Nutrients are being added at 50% concentration to all 3.

    Canna-start still being used for the 3 Syrup's.

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  8. So I was looking at the plants tonight and I noticed something odd.

    The Mataro Blue is growing some kind of double-leaved leaf, as in I counted the fingers of this single leaf and I got to 11, and its not fully grown yet. It looks like its split in the middle and created a whole new leaf either side of the split.

    I'm gunna take some pictures tomorrow as soon as the lights come on and post them so you can all see, and hopefully make sense of this alien occurrence :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::smoke::smoke::smoke:

    Yours lovingly, (sorry so freakin high)

    INDI :D :p:p:p
  9. dont worry about the leaves. i have leaves with 3 fingers all the way up to 13 fingers crazy but ok. just let them be. looking good !
  10. I definitely wasn't planning on cutting it off :D
    If anything I reckon it should help as it's simply more leaf to catch light, right?

    Thanks for stopping by bro :) :smoke: :smoke:

    Edit: Just noticed you can just about see the leaf in the previous picture of her
  11. Got some pictures for yow asses.

    Also noticed another odd set of leaves, this time on lil miss Blue Mystic, she has grown a set of 3 leaves instead of the normal 2. I've got a picture if you're not sure what I mean.

    Also got a picture of the, what I like to call, 'Star Leaf', on the Mataro blue...who also looks to have a tiny tiny node, fingers crossed it's not a sack. I keep checking for pistils.
    It's only been a day after it's 31 hour dark period so I'll be damn surprised if it's already flowering.
    But so far this grow's letting me see some pretty interesting stuff, with some brilliant genetics, so we'll see :):smoke::smoke:

    So, pictures. (still not 1 unhealthy leaf in the bunch, organic rocks);)

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  12. Time for an update I think.

    The elders are now 24 days old and White Dwarf and blue mystic are flowering intensely. Just checked this morning and it looks like Mat Blue is now growing pistils, so we'll have to keep an eye on her. :devious:

    The Syrup's are at 15 days. One of them seems to be forming a random ball or lump, seems a bit soon.

    I've taken a few pictures so you guys can provide insight. :eek:

    Nutrients being used at the moment -

    For Elders:
    Canna-Flora - 80% of the recommended dose
    Canna-Boost - 100% of the Recommended dose

    For Syrups
    Canna-Start - 100-110% recommended dose

    Anyway, here we are: (Could only upload 10, following post will be the Syrup Pictures)

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  13. Syrups as promised :D

    Advice and tips well appreciated :D

    More Updates in a few days.

    Indi :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

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    Update :)

    Mataro Blue is a GIRL! She has nodes and tiny pistils, only on the top part but it's something.

    2 of the Syrup's are confirmed females, the third has yet to show concrete evidence of sex.

    3 new seedlings have been given to me by a close friend, so they're in now too. The genetics are unknown but they sure have the potential to be some very nice strains. I'm planning on LST'ing them to keep them low, but they wont grow too tall anyway as they're already on 13 light 11 dark soon to be 12/12.

    After going to the Hydro store today, I couldnt help but pick up another 250w HPS kit, digital ballast 'n all.
    So I'm now running 500w HPS for 9 plants.

    All's looking well so far, the new seedlings are a little weak due to the environment they were in previously but they'll strengthen up quickly.

    Nice group shot, more detailed pictures soon:

    Hints, tips and feedback more than welcome. :eek:

    Indi :smoke:

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    Thought I'd upload some more pictures it's looking like a little forest in there.

    So here we have the two 250w HPS', 2 of the same reflector taped together with foil tape. It's holding nicely and is doing a great job. Not to mention the delightful symmetry which I have some kinda fetish for :cool::p


    Next up, group shot :smoke:


    White Dwarf's top Cola

    Blue Mystic

    The potential DANK

    Now, a little comparison.

    The plant on the left is Mataro blue at 18 days old, the plant on the right in a Syrup at 18 days also. It's pretty evident that the Syrup has a broader surface area, also the branch leaves are far bigger, and have almost reached the top of the plant, making it look much bushier.
    I admit this could be somewhat due to the strain but its evident in each of the older plants when they were 18 days old.
    The only difference between these two are that the smaller plant (Mataro blue) had 500w of blue spectrum CFL for 14 days of it's life, whereas the syrups had 5 days under the same CFL's.
    It seems HPS lights thicken the leaves much quicker and penetrate the plant far more effectively, in turn making the branched leaves grow faster, but it necessarily speed up the growth stages. (number of sets of leaves etc)

    Thought that was quite interesting, let me know what you reckon GC community :D

    Indi :smoke:
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    Update :wave:

    Day 34 for the elders, and day 25 for the Syrups.

    Couple of group pics till I get a proper screen from my hydro store tomorrow. Made a make shift one, was happy with it but measured it and turns and I did 3"x3" holes which are too big, and I cant be fooked re-doing it so. :cool:

    Elders, White dwarf most advanced, second is Blue Mystic at the front and thirdly Mataro Blue in the back just growing its top nodes now.

    Top Cola on White Dwarf. Had to LST to stop height problems.

    Group shot, Syrups on the left.

    Hope you like guys.

    Quick question, on the white dwarf, are the buds doing as big as they are now, going to enlarge much more? Or am I looking at that thickness of bud for finish too?

    Cheers guys any input is appreciated! :smoke:

    Indi :smoke::smoke:
  18. Hey hey, got some spare time so I thought I'd update.

    I've had to get rid of the 3 youngsters as I was running out of space fast. Theres now just 3 Syrups, Mataro blue, White Dwarf and Blue Mystic.

    So, some pictures :)


    White Dwarf's Top

    (from front to back) White Dw, Syrup #2 and Mat Blue.

    Mat Blue with many colas popping through now. Counted 11 last night.

    So obviously White Dwarf will be the first to finish, anyone got any estimates on yield?

    Looks to be quite a decent one judging by the size of the buds already with 4 weeks to go.

    Ta for now,
    Indi :smoke:
  19. Im interested to see how the autos turn out! im doing the photoperiod ones, was gonna get the autos, might try em next time, ;) looking good tho pal!
  20. Hey man thanks for dropping in,
    so far the results are pretty impressive with the autos, incredibly quick growth and what looks to be a decent yield too.

    Thing is these Auto's are all on 14/10, so which when I had 3 photoperiod ones a few days ago, made one of them show sex within a week. So 14/10 is possible to flower with, at the beginning at least.

    Will be interesting to see if I get around an Oz per plant even with a light cycle of 14/10, and not 18/6 or 20/4 like most auto growers suggest, or even 24/0 (which I thinks silly).

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