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Indicia vs. Sativa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bsyde82, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. First off, is it indicia or indica?

    Anyways, I've heard various things about the difference between the two, with the general theme being indicia gets you stoned, while sativa gives you more of a productive high. Anyone care to elaborate on this? And what are some popular indicia strains available at the moment? I have access to SF dispensaries.

    My first medical MJ purchase ever:


    Grapefruit. Maybe it's because my tolerance has gone up, or THC intake is just too small w/ a pipe, but I haven't yet gotten a good high with this, but then again I usually equate a good high w/ potency, so maybe I'm looking for indicia?
  2. It's indica, and if you aren't getting high off that, you're doing something wrong
  3. sativa is more of the fun one since your more energetic and happy, opposed with the indica that one is more of the nice kick back high where you just sit down and enjoy.
  4. I think Indica gives a body high, makes you twitchy and a bit stoned or baked. Sativa gives a euphoric head high. Increases interest and abstract thought as well as music. I personally enjoy Sativa more because when I'm high it's an occassion and I want to do stuff during. How can you guys tell that the picture is indica just by looking at it?
  5. It's actually sativa

    and to reply to an earlier post, I was high, but just not the level of high I was hoping for. And I'm attributing this right now to the fact that I was smoking out of a pipe and didn't smoke all that much. My housing situation right now forces me to be covert about toking unfortunately
  6. Ive heard that you can have a mix between sactiva and indicia, is that true? b/c when Im high I generally have alittle bit of an energetic high and a stoned high
  7. Yes, Indica/Sativa hybrids can give you a high that is a mix between the two. The strain I'm working on and smoking right now is about 50-50.
  8. i don't know the laws of mmj in cali but i would think if your worried about getting evicted for smokin in the house and you pull out your mmj card that says you can smoke inside your home or have the legal right to take that medicine..

  9. yea i was reading up on it. if you have a card then u are all set. they cant kick you out for taking your medicine. now if you are one of the many that dont have a card then you should be stealthy about it.

    try an indica. i think your looking for the heavy high. personally i dont like indica too much, the first time i smoked it, it felt like my face was melting off. its cool now that im thinking bout it but while it was happening, it sucked.
  10. All a landlord has to do to get around that is tip off the Feds. It's still against Federal law.
  11. Hah. I'm not worried about the legal aspect of it. This may sound dumb, but I don't want to be to be judged a certain way w/ certain folk. I know people are gonna say, you shouldn't give a shit, but the reality is, people are gonna judge, and if I can smoke in relative peace AND avoid such unnecessary judgment, then that's the route I'm taking for now. Until I feel like others are ready to stop buying into stereotypes associated with pot smokers.

    Yea indica...I think I've probably had some. I think my buddy had some one time and we combined it with what I had leftover of some snowcap, and it seriously hit me hard after just two bong rips. I guess it'd be nice to have both types on hand, because there are times, when I just wanna chill out on my couch, watch some tv or listen to some music, and just veg out. I find that the grapefruit I have now isn't optimal for this kind of activity. But that's just me
  12. i got a good strain of some blue dream sativa and i had the most fun I've ever had while high. I fucking love sativa's now....I can only wish that i pick them up more often.....I was laughing extremely hard at EVERYTHING, even when i didn't like what was going on, i still felt good.

    If i didn't stay in one place, and allowed myself to sit down and think, i would have spaced out beyond belief. I actually began to think i traveled back in time two days ago after smoking...

    sativas for life :smoking:
  13. I got some Blue Dream out in New Orleans. It stinks so bad it smells like chemicals almost. i will try to post a picture when I figure out how. help me out.

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