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Indicas vs sativas

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OGking420, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Are indicas or sativas higher in thc? (im guessing indicas are higher in cbd just cause of the effects) But i find that through my personal experience indicas get me higher is there a scientific reason behind this. (ik weed is stronger when cannabinoids work synergistically but thc is the psychoactive cannabinoid so shouldn't that get u higher) And what is ur personal preference but plz answere the first question first.
  2. In a nutshell...

    Indica is typically a downer bud with higher CBD and low THC

    Sativa is typically an upper bud with higher THC and low CBD

    In an illegal state you are most always getting hybrids which are a mixture of the two. No, you aren't getting "higher" from an indica unless you simply prefer the effects of CBD and equate the couch-lock/munchy/body buzz as a better high than the psychoactive glory of a pure sativa. Both have their place.

    Personally, I prefer Sativas in the morning as anything else for a WAKE and bake defeats the purpose & an Indica in the last hour before sleeping to calm my mind and accept the transition.
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  3. Higher is all a state of mind that you choose to feel happy with. More people will feel the authentic "stoned" when they smoke an indica because of the overall sedating couch-lock effect that more CBD tends to provide. Sativas will give that racy headrush of a cerebral feeling, but in my experience the "high" only lasts about 45 minutes as opposed to a good 2-hour indica stoney feeling.

    Either you like to be upbeat and peppy, or slowed down and mellow. Either way your choice of high is whatever you choose to feel when you get there.
  4. CBD doesn't provide a couch lock feeling.
  5. you're right.. the whole weed plant does that. :GettingStoned:
  6. Instead of wether indicas or sativas get you more high wich one produces the most euphoric high
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  7. Based on the science of cannabis and not the studies of doctors who lie about prescription drugs, uppers and downers are like nostalgia and euphoria so you don't always have to chase a "high" if you wish to be mellow. I completely agree with how you see happiness on that index.
  8. Personally I feel higher with indica vs sativa, i in fact don't like smoking sativas, I have access to medical so I choose either a strong indica or a hybrid that tends to favour the indica side.

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  9. Gummy worms or gummy bears?
  10. Socratic human condition: drunkard
    Platonic human condition: stoner
    Aristotle's human condition: sober

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