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Indicas Makes Me Nervous???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Boogalou, May 20, 2010.

  1. So I've been vaping now for a little over a month and have tried numerous strains. I've always been told that Indicas are calming and can be taken for anxiety, Sativas are uplifting but can cause anxiety.

    Am I a freak? It's the EXACT opposite for me!

    One big hit of Indica absolutely destroys me. More than one hit and I get kinda weird and nervous.

    With Sativas I can vape a huge amount and feel fine. In fact puple haze seems to be my favorite strain which is Sativa dominant I think?

    The dispensary I'm getting it from is top notch, so I know there's nothing strange going on as far as the strains.

    Am I just a weirdo or what?
  2. You might not be used to the "body stone" that indicas give. Indicas are my favorite, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Don't try to fight it, just relax and let it do it's work.
  3. yeah, im the same way first time i smoked some indica, it felt like i was gonna die. But then i layed down in the sun and it felt really good
  4. maybe the indicas you've been smoking were harvested too soon, which is very common.
  5. It is easier to get "too stoned" with an indica. G-13 for example, got me uncomfortably high unless i was careful not to smoke too much. I couldn't sleep at night. Anxiety and paranoia only kick in for me when I am VERY blazed. I also believe alcohol (just from experience, no science to back this) can make strains effect people different.
  6. that happens to me when i fight the high. i usually try not to and i know when i am fighting it however its instinctual and i just relax after that and i just chill out and life is good. hahah
    just accept the high
    trust me :wave:

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