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Indicas don't help me sleep

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalplusweed, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I stay up all night smoking indica. I could go to sleep, but I'd rather just stay up and blaze.

    Anyone else?
  2. Ever thought of ADHD? Or depression? Sometimes, if you intake depressants too often (i.e. booze or weed), it can cause temporary depression. (This is what the psychiatrist was telling me when tryin to get me to stop smokin)

    Sounds like you just have a sleep problem in general.
  3. what strain indica are ya smoking and do you wanna fall asleep or do you fight it? even if its a severe sleeping problem , a strong dose of indica would at least mellow you out i have taken edible indicas for my anxiety and strong insomnia' sometimes 2-3 days no sleep at all' and they were effective enough to make me mellow me down.
  4. Yes I am an insomniac and have been since as long as I remember. I also have ADD. The thing is when I smoke weed, I'd usually rather watch tv or do something stimulating than go to sleep. The weed is not the problem. I live in Los Angeles and smoke Private reserve indicas daily. if i do try to go asleep i can, but i feel like id rather stay up and enjoy my high then go to sleep.

    Because of this reason I go through herb very fast. At a certain point (usually 4-6 am) I will smoke until I pass out.
  5. Sounds like you just prefer living. I totally know what you are talking about to. I'm an indica whore, but it only helped my insomnia in the beginning stages. Now that my tolerance is up, indica is great for relaxation and pain management but it is total shit for getting over insomnia. The best thing I've figured out is to drink some warm tea and lay in a dark room after taking melatonin. But sometimes that doesn't even work.

    And I totally relate with going through herb fast at this point because there is literally nothing do in the hours of 2 am - 7 am other than smoke weed and stay home. It sucks. I wish the sun was around so I could go for walks, but its not. I'm currently trying to figure out how to slow down my roll since I have less of a budget to spend on my green.

    But man, don't discredit sleep. You can enjoy your high while sleeping plenty fine. Sleeping with highs can create great, vivid dreaming. If you want some help, read Carlos Castaneda's books and they can give you some fun motivation to actually set aside a time to sleep.

    Good luck, and I'll see you around the insomniac crowd here on GC!
  6. Its the west coast insmniac hour :D i am in los angeles too, i think it depends if you really want to sleep or not do you? i take it and i chill out in my bed and wait for it to have effect with a big cup of water besides me due to the cottonmouth, if you really think that you don't take it to fall asleep but just to chill out then its cool be honest to yourself and just enjoy your time.
    THCprincess i worry sometimes to end up like you where it won't let me to fall asleep but just mellow out but sleep is important from what i have heard its good to switch strains,dosage, changing the style usage. Right now i just eat it 2-3 times a week if the insomnia is really bad.
  7. Try a high indica purple strain like gdp or grape ape. Those strains have given me drowsy and sedated effects in my experience.
  8. hah trust it's not the quality that's the matter.

    i think you misunderstood. indica buds allow me to fall asleep if i try to, but whenever i smoke them all i want to do is stay up and smoke more.

    I'm not saying indica is not helpful in sleep, just felt like seeing if anyone else had this habit.
  9. Well im pretty much addicted to sleeping pills and smoking a good indica is the only thing that can get me to sleep without them.
  10. so your habit is what?

    staying up all night getting high? idk see why you would even bring indica into this thread... if you smoke sativas do u not want to stay up all night toking? hahaha

    i think the only people youll find who also have this habit are crackheads.............
  11. I'm know you guys love getting into whole deep crazy explanations, but honestly, its probably not an indica.
  12. [quote name='"metalplusweed"']I stay up all night smoking indica. I could go to sleep, but I'd rather just stay up and blaze.

    Anyone else?[/quote]

    ever thought it might not be indica, or that you just aren't smoking that much?

  13. That'd be awesome, it'd be like buying ONLY sativa haha.
  14. I smoke every night (always indica, hard to find sativa) and even though I watch TV and drink and eat, I am constantly fighting sleep. I'd rather stay up as long as possible to really enjoy the high instead of wasting it while sleeping.
  15. #15 metalplusweed, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011

    to all you people saying it might not be indica, i have a medical card in los angeles and buy indica herb and indica concentrates just as often as i buy sativa herb and sativa concentrates. I can clearly tell the difference between the two, but neither of them gives me the motivation to sleep. unless the medical clubs are lying to me about whats an indica, I think I'm straight haha!

    LOL at the person who said I sound like a crackhead. That's hilarious.
  16. The latter is true. but the first analogy is not true for me. sativa makes me upbeat and energetic like wanting to go out and do something, while indica relaxes me and makes couchlocked.

    I was taking adderall for ADD and that is true it slowed me down and allowed me to focus, while people without ADD use it like speed.
  17. [quote name='"new2pot9000"']

    Yeah i know but i know people with ADD that smoke sativas and it makes them sleepy and couchlocked and indica makes them energetic. I remember i took ritalin and it felt like i was on speed or something but for people with ADD it helps them calm down. Weird lol.[/quote]

    Nah...doesn't work like that
  18. I cant sleep during the high per se, i get real tired during late comedown snd after effects
  19. Contrary to popular belief, weed cannot fix EVERYTHING
  20. If you want to go to sleep just smoke a bowl or two then watch TV for 15 minutes and drink some milk or have some cereal. Trust me it will knock you out

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