indica vs. sativa

Discussion in 'General' started by attackingsquirl, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. As ive smoked more ive noticed i am more of an indica fan. Is there anyway you can tell by looking at the nug what kindof strain it is?
  2. Not that I've noticed. But I'm a fan of both but like indica more ;)
  3. im not a fan of the couch lock unless i have nothing to do or i am going to bed. i like having my mind blown so im goin with the sativa.
  4. Sativa buds tend to be more airy and loose than Indica.

    That really isn't a good way to tell though as you're sure to find airy indica dom buds floating around.

    The best way to tell is either be/know the grower or just test it out for yourself.
  5. Small popcorn sized nugs are usually indica. Large nugs are sativa.

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