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Indica vs. Sativa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AgeOfParanoia, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Which one do you prefer or do you like a hybrid of the two
  2. I like both but honestly I think I prefer Indica because of the numbing effects and slight depersonalization besides that, I'm pretty much a genius on it. Always thinking about time travel and trippy shit. It's fun but not funny, if you get that.
  3. I like your avatar haha funny show
  4. Indicas. Sativas suck. They don't do much for me. Some Sativas do have a nice taste though. 
  5. Indica or indica dominant. Sativa gives me anxiety attacks

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  6. I prefer strains that are more on the Indica side.  I don't think I have access to any strains that are purely one or the other.  I like to keep a little sativa around too though.
  7. +1

    Sativas intensify my anxieties, whereas indicas make me confident and anxiety free. Indica is just more intense and I love how I can literally forget where I am, what I'm doing etc.
  8. I respectively like both for their traits. I like sativa to play video games and stay up and enjoy my high. I like indica for pain or to put me to sleep or just relax (which eventually puts me to sleep or atleast a nap)

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  9. Indica for sure. Sativas are nice occasionally.
  10. I'm more of an indica guy for the relaxation aspect of it. I wish that I could find a sativa that didn't make me paranoid because I would love a strain I could wake and bake with. Alas, you can't always have your cake and eat it too. 
  11. Thank you! It's such a great show, it has a weird kind of humor that some people don't understand :p
  12. tina is actually my favorite lol she's so weird
  13. wow kinda surprised by the all the indica lovers! I do not have the option to choose my bud (no name dank) so I assume there mostly hybrids (although my last pick up gave a good body buzz, which I normally do not experience). Buttttttt I do love an intense body high from an indica...still reminisce on one of my first few times toking, the absolute insane body high that left me in bed for like 4 hours just staring at the wall (I skipped my gym sesh I was so baked, I rarely skip a workout too, gooooood memories)
  14. Sativa for being outdoors with mates
    A heavy Indica chilling indoors PS4 GtA V Food a beer you no the score lol

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  15. Sativa dominant hybrids.  I rarely use indica but lately I have to help me sleep.  I just love my euphoric, soaring sativa highs.   :hippie:
  16. Indica for the most part. Sativa only if I'm out in nature
  17. Since I mostly smoke to help out my back pain I'm definitely more of an indica guy, but can definitely get down on a good sativa from time to time.

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