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Indica vs sativa???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by j223, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys ive got a question about the different strains of weed. So usually when I smoke with other people i get kind of quiet/awkward/anxious and i overthink things. While alcohol has the opposite effect, it makes me confident and loud. So basically im just wondering wether i should try and smoke sativa or indica in order to be more confident and less anxious when i smoke with people. thanks
  2. It depends on the person. My boyfriend would smoke a pure sativa and becoming more outgoing and enjoy talking to people, but I were to smoke a sativa it would make me anxious and not want to talk. Indicas are good for me.
  3. Indica is the more relaxed chill high while Sativas commonly make you a little more engergetic and active. Sounds like you just need to work on how to act high though. Don't be so anxious and talk more, if you think you sound stupid, odds are you dont, paranoia is one hell of a bitch. But yea try sativa.
  4. I love indicas. Much more relaxing than a sativa.
  5. indicas are more relaxing when i first started sativas made me anxious as well. once you get used to it you can controll any strain. But that will take a while.
  6. Like the person a few posts above said, it depends on the person. I can be social on either types, but I muccch prefer indica or at least an indica dominant strain.
  7. I'd say sativa, since indicas would make you feel weird and make you more uncomfortable
  8. For me, sativas get my brain going double-time and I feel like talking a lot. If I overdo it though, I'll sit in silence and won't say a word.

    Indica is nice but it can put me to sleep pretty easily. I prefer a nice hybrid . . . just keep the indica for bedtime.

  9. Fucking Lahey....

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