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Indica vs. Sativa on treating headaches

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by morethanthree, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. What type do you guys think is better for treating headaches/migraines/etc.?
  2. im not a doctor but i assume sativa since its a head high
  3. indica suppose to be good for pain/headachs.. stuff like bubba kush
  4. Jack Herer, A powerful sativa strain, is excellent for relieving headaches.
  5. I would personally prefer a Indica for pain relief including headaches. Sativa tends give me a head throb feeling after awhile but a heavy Indica gives me a slight numbing affect.
  6. blue lightening, blueberry cross'd with northern lights. if your from bay area and go to grassroots u kno what im talking about. i can wake up from a 12 hr weed coma and have a quick session with a couple bowls and im lits out for another couple hrs easy ahhaah
  7. i prefer to be in an indica haze
  8. Hmm, actually i dont thin i could pick just one. They both help stress and headaches, migraines, ect. I think a good hybrid(a mix between the two) would work well.
  9. let me clear some stuff up:

    indica = couch lock, you're going to sleep
    sativa = head high, you're flying
  10. I like crosses for headaches. Some favorites of mine are A-Train, K-2, and cheese (an especially big yielder if you grow).:)

    One must consider if sativas keep YOU up at night; which also can vary by strain.
    Or, strong indicas can drag YOU down early in the day (couch-lock).
    A balanced strain feels best for me, but truely we are all different.:wave:

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