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Indica vs. Sativa on treating headaches

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by morethanthree, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Which type of cannabis do you think is better for treating headaches/migraines/etc.?
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    I believe Indicas are better for pain
  3. I know indicas are good for body paind( thats what I use them for) but I believe that Sativas will help brain/head problems. I am not 100% sure though.
  4. I get migraines and indica is the only one that helps me! I need to be stoned off my ass to not feel that pain!
  5. I would say a specific strain prolly does this. Not a domin or w/e. So the title should say , What strains are great for Head related issues.

    I dunno, just saying!

  6. I think Sativa probably. Indica is definitely more of a body high, so I use sativa's when I get my migraines. I smoke a lot of it though
  7. A nice indica strain always does the trick for me.
  8. Both are long as there isn't a seed in it there wont be any head aches during the high.
  9. I would go for Indica, yeah its more of a body high, but if you smoke a lot it might help.

    Sativa is a head high and I think it would make it worse.
  10. I would say Indica, because it has a higher CBD to THC ratio. CBD has a sedative effect and sleep/rest is a powerful weapon against headache.
  11. Indica is good the first time I smoke it each day, and for body pain, but the body high gives me a headache as I burn out and make it so that any more smoke just burns me out even harder. Sativa on the other hand eases out of the high so there is no burn out whatsoever, no headache is gone in a minute, and I can get high all day long. Gotta love me those sativas.

    Try both tho and see what you come up with, its different for everybody

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