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Indica vs sativa for adhd

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MistakenShadow, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I have been a smoker for three years and have been diagnosed as a child with adhd. I have a lot of racing thoughts and trouble focusing one thing at a time. I've sometimes smoked and felt really great, but other times it's absolutely horrible. I'm wondering if this is because of whether it was indica or sativa. Insight about indica/sativa's different effects on adhd would be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. i personnaly think a small dose of cannabis (any) helps with focus and problems like yours, too much indica will make you forget everything and be sleepy, so id recomend small dose of sativa
  3. I would say the opposite of the person above me. If you're really hyper you would do much better with an Indica. Sativas are a more mental/active high. Indicas would settle you down nicely, you just have to watch and not over do it.
  4. If I want to calm down ill take a few hits out of my vape. Ill be pretty mellowed out and high for a a good time. Helps me focus and clear my head
  5. Would you say cannabis is a good medicine to use for effectively treating adhd? I would like a completely unbiased opinion, because adhd is affecting my life so much that I have become unable to function normally. I'm considering moving states to be legal if it could help my health.
  6. yes use a nice indica or indica dominant strain.
  7. Indica. Sativa, I think, might make ADHD worse.
  8. id say indica as it will relax/calm you down. I think the mental racing from a sativa would only make things worse.
  9. use a heavy sativa, greencrack will help u focus on one thing only on whatever u want to focus on for 2 hours

    while an indica will help u sleep faster
  10. i would say an indica as well. all in moderation though. try and get your hands on a legit indica and sativa strain and compare the two.

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