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Indica Vs Sativa dominant strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NathanBelomy, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. For a long time I was growing strictly Indica strains. For me the weed is better. Sativa stuff bring me up then has a crash. Indica just more chills you out a tiny bit. Stronger Indica knocks you on your behind if you smoke a lot. Seems like Sativa strains are more popular to grow, I don't understand why. Indica is a much more beautiful plant in my opinion.
  2. i prefer to smoke indica at night and sativa during the day, but i prefer smoking indica at night more than smoking sativa during the day so overall i like indica better

  3. im pretty much like you too. i love a good indica high, but if i smoke that during the day i pass out and my day is gone...haha but i love a good sativa high during the day too. but i enjoy indicas sliightly more :D :smoking:
  4. I like 60 sativa 40 indica blends most of all. Sativa make doing trivial things awesome, yet indica is great for relaxing etc.

    Overall, sativa for me.
  5. Sativa can be a pain in the ass to grow, but that is what the market is demanding right now. I like to have a mix in the garden most of the time. If I smoke to much of anything I get a tolerance to it, so I change favorites a lot. Right now I've got mostly sativa (not on purpose) and Purple Urkle is my only heavy indica. I just like frosty strains that taste really good.
  6. I'll take both obviously and I'd say most of
    The time
    I smoke sativa but I always appreciate an
    Indica high a lot more.
  7. yeh hybrids are nice
    What I hate about sativa is it makes my heart race and I sometimes get anxiety
    with indica you just chill out sink in your chair and vibe with some music
    If im gonna be writing music though its some purple all the way(usually sativa dominant)
  8. I personally find that at night, I really do prefer an Indica strain as it helps me relax, and during the day I still prefer Indica strains because I get so mellow

    I generally only smoke sativa strains at parties only or if i have no other indica strain :smoking:
  9. Sativa = Wake and bake, evening with buddys, going to work

    Indica = Dawn, night, home alone (indicas are much better in a quiet setting), relaxing.

    I find indicas are great for me at night because i always burn out, but with sativas i feel energetic.

    If i Had 12 bowls of some sativa and went to work i can actually socialize and talk ane concentrate. If i smoked 12 bowls of indica and went to work i would sit there on the bench with some drool coming ot of my mouth staring at the wall like a zombie. Much better for nice relaxing times.
  10. Some of my highest smokes have come from indica, but I usually would get super ripped and then be tired/high for 2 hours until I passed out.

    I noticed with the sativa strains that I wouldn't seem as "high", but I would feel really good on the inside and have appreciations for things like music and food.

    Best one? 60% indica, 40% sativa. Northern lights has this ratio, I think.

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